4 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Old iPad After Upgrading
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4 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Old iPad After Upgrading

Where do you take the old iPad once you upgrade to the new one? Do you have a sibling who can do with a little help? Your neighbors could also benefit from the old iPad. The fate of the old iPad is at your discretion.

The challenge for many people is doing something meaningful with the iPad. It might bother you to have a functional iPad lying around the desk or house. You want to convert it into money or dispose of it in any other way. Check online for the best assignment help in uk to simplify your college experience.

Donating is a reasonable option. However, you are not sure whether the recipient will appreciate an old gadget. Further, you have preserved some files and data on the iPad. How safe will these files be once you donate it?

The greatest worry for many owners is the fate of the data already captured in the iPad. How can you ensure the security of data in your gadget? Here are valuable tips to guarantee peace of mind whenever you sell or dispose of your iPad.

  • Log out of all accounts– open email accounts are doors to many other aspects of your life. Anyone accessing your email account can transact on other platforms. He can also communicate with third parties. Log out of all accounts to protect the integrity of your data and any communications you have made through the iPad.
  • Format it- formatting removes all the physical files and documents from the gadget. Unless a person has special software, he cannot access the files again. It resets the iPad to its original state, allowing you to pass it on to a third party without worrying about the exposure of your data. iPads have self-formatting capabilities, meaning that you do not require any special software. Format the iPad to guarantee the safety of your data.
  • Ascertain where it will end up– where do you intend to dispose of or donate the iPad? If you are selling it to a stranger, you need to secure your data. Where it is remaining within the family, the measures might not be too strict. Choose credible organizations and platforms that facilitate the sale of old gadgets. They will clean the gadgets before they are sold to third parties. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is not exposed to unreliable individuals.

The destination of your old iPad determines the measures you take. As long as it is going out of your hands and control, you must secure your data. Delete all files and log out of all platforms. It will require very sophisticated software to retrieve the materials.

People around you and strangers in society would benefit from an old iPad as long as it is functional. It will also help them if the gadget requires slight refurbishing. Identify organizations that take old and used gadgets to help them in their functions.

Advocacy groups would benefit from such a donation. The groups pass the gadgets to victims or sell them to fund their courses. For instance, Medic Mobile sells such gadgets to collect funds for health courses around the world.

Turn into a toy

Do you have a child in the house who loves playing on your iPad? How about drawing a line by handing over the old iPad and restricting access to the new one? Such a move will enable you to maintain the new iPad for a while and also avoid conflicts over who should be using it. You could also use it to play games and watch movies while you preserve the new one.

Use as backup

Use it as a backup for your documents. Since it will remain in the house, it is less prone to damage or loss. Transfer crucial files to the iPad for future retrieval. It frees space on your new iPad while also securing documents against loss or damage.


Sell the old iPad. If it is in good condition or can be refurbished, it will fetch a decent amount. You can use it to settle bills or add to your current amount to buy a better one.

Disposing of it should consider the safety of the data already captured. Get best topics ideas to write about in your essays and other academic papers online. Log out of all accounts on your iPad and delete all files. It protects the files from compromise in case they land in the wrong hands.

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