25 Inspiring DIY Backyard Pergola Designs For Outdoor Entertaining

It is time to enjoy our little backyard at its best. The summer weather now allows us to entertain outdoors around our fire pit and barbecue, surrounded by friends and family. Nothing can help you relax more than a patio and lounge area that can be beautifully covered by these diy backyard pergola designs that we have featured underneath. You need shade, you need a cold drink and here the pergola comes in, it is the supreme element for outdoor entertaining and the best part is that you can build it all by yourself with a design plan that you can draft yourself; all it takes is planning, tools and materials.

Cast a glance at the pergola designs below and pick your favorite, some of these do have full tutorial links under the images so make sure you follow them to find out exactly how you can too materialize them in your backyard.

1. Beautiful corner pergola with organic look

wood pergola


2. Old Doors RE-PURPOSED into a vintage yellow pergola design

old doors pergola


3. Wooden Deck Under Beautiful Pergola with privacy

beautiful deck


4. Organic Circular Pergola With Fire Pit in the middle and black brick flooring

circular pergola design

Source unknown

5. Transform your backyard COMPLETELY through a simple pergola

transforming your backyard


6. Emphasize your lounge area with special lighting fixtures

lounge area outdoor


7. Use climbing plants to add more greenery into the yard

modern design

Source Unknown

8. Build a gazebo to shelter a cozy bed

cozy outdoor space

Source Unknown

9. Greenery Shaped into an umbrella pergola

tree pergola


10. Build a pergola swing bed for supreme relaxation

pergola with a swing


11. Purchase a Multi-Swing Chair Set

multi swing chair


12. Provide Shade to your lounge by covering it with bamboo

classic outdoor space design


13. Infuse Color into your outdoor heaven

colourful pergola design

Source Unknown

14. White pergola over outdoor bar

rock your outdoor space


15. Simple bamboo pergola design

babmboo pergola design


16. Build your pergola above a wooden deck and light it up with string lights

pergola a perfect outdoor space


17. Complete your pergola with a hot tub or a spa

vacation at your home


18. Build a small Pergola over your Garage Door

green pergola design


19. Enhance your pergola with string lights and canvas

outdoor space


20. Materialize a pergola swing set and extend both greenery and happiness

beautiful idea for your kids


21. Small corner outdoor sitting area with planters and pergola

small corner of peace


22. White pergola swing set with vintage charm

swing outdoor space


23. Beautiful Rustic Logs and Branches Pergola Designs

cool idea for your pergola


24. Decorate your Pergola With Hanging Flowers

diy backyard pergola


What do you think about the beautiful diy backyard pergola designs showcased above? We would love to hear your opinion in the comment section below.

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