How Can You Defend Your Garden From Animals And Pests

How Can You Defend Your Garden From Animals And Pests?

It can be very difficult to keep pests out of your garden. The type of pests that you might encounter depends largely on where you are based geographically. In some parts of the United States, bears are a problem. In others, raccoons, wild cats, and even deer can be a problem. No matter where you are though, or what type of pests you are dealing with, there are effective solutions for getting rid of them (or keeping them out altogether). This post will explore this topic in more detail, explaining how you can defend your garden from unwanted pests.

Removal Services

One of the most effective ways of ridding your garden of pests is to hire a pest removal service. According to one service offering wildlife control in Oregon, a state that’s known for its large black bears, birds, bats, rats, squirrels, possums, skunks, otters, and mice are all common backyard pests. When searching for such a service, make sure that you read reviews. A company’s reviews can help you to get an idea of how effective they are at eliminating pests. Be sure to interview a pest control St George Utah service before hiring them.

Resistant Plants

Another good way of keeping pests out of your garden is to grow pest-resistant plants. You should also consider growing plants that pests aren’t attracted to (or plants that are poisonous). If every time pests come into your garden they are poisoned or find nothing to eat, it won’t take them long to stop coming. The type of plants that you need to grow depends largely on the pests you have coming into your garden. Identify pests with a trail camera, and then research online, identifying which plants are poisonous to which animals (and which plants are pest-resistant).

Defend your garden with Physical Barriers

One effective way of getting rid of pests is to erect physical barriers, like metal fencing. A physical barrier should be sufficient enough to keep most large pests out. Smaller pests, like rats or mice, probably won’t be deterred by physical barriers, though. Smaller pests will be able to get into your garden by crawling underground, or through holes in your fence. You will have to employ other methods if you want to keep smaller pests out, like laying down poison, or getting a cat (you should not lay poison if you have a cat, for obvious reasons).

Buy Protection

If large bests, like bears, are coming into your garden, then you might need to invest in a firearm.  Buying a firearm to protect yourself will stop a bear from mauling you or injuring you. It’s not unheard of for bears to become aggressive when they encounter people in their own gardens. Bears are very territorial animals. A bear could end up, if it’s allowed in enough, believing that your garden is part of its territory. Buying a firearm will help to prevent bears from being able to establish control over your garden, and will keep you and your family safe.

Laying Traps

If you have smaller pests, a good way of getting rid of them is to lay traps. Traps can capture and even kill pests. Going back to poison for a moment, poison is a good idea if you have rats. You can leave traps with poison inside scattered around your garden. Then, if rats go into the trap and ingest the poison, they will die there. Make sure to regularly change your traps around though, so you do not end up with dead rats rotting inside boxes all over your garden.

Pests can be a nuisance, no matter where you live. Your response to the pests coming into your garden needs to be appropriate. For large pests, consider erecting physical barriers, and for small ones, put down traps. A pest removal service can help you with large pests and small pests. If you do not have time to eliminate pests yourself, they are your best option to defend your garden.

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