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Window Cleaning Mistakes That You Might Want to Avoid

Cleaning all the windows in your home can be a time-consuming and tricky task, especially if you are wasting time and effort making the usual window cleaning mistakes. Read more below about the common window cleaning mistakes you should avoid to achieve shiny and streak-free windows.

Using the Incorrect Cleaning Spray

Window cleaning spray is used to remove all the dirt and grime from glass whilst leaving no bubbles or streaks, however, some cleaners can be too harsh causing visible streaks and marks. Although there are various cleaning supplies available in a home’s kitchen or bathroom, most of them will not work well on windows which is why the team behind Sweet Water Window Cleaning recommends using specialized glass cleaner and pure water to get clear and streak-free results. After the correct cleaning, windows should be dusted regularly to remove airborne particles like dust and dirt to prevent the glass from becoming hazy or getting smudges and streaks.

Using the Incorrect Tools and Supplies

It is important to know that there are many ways to damage your windows including using the wrong equipment or cleaning solution. When cleaning windows you should also take into account the type of glass and window design to determine the correct maintenance. Below are a few examples of incorrect equipment and materials for cleaning windows:

  • Kitchen paper. Often used for cleaning and polishing windows, they can be problematic due to their tendency to tear and stick to wet surfaces, smear cleaning solution, and leave small fibers on the glass.
  • Newspaper. The materials currently used to make newspapers are not absorbent enough to wipe off cleaning solution and polish glass, instead it becomes greasy and spreads grime and ink around the window.
  • Using abrasive materials to remove dirt. Some spots and stains can be difficult to remove, whether it be from bird feces, insect remains, or coarse dirt. Even though dirt may be hard to scrub away, you should avoid using abrasive items such as razors, scrub pads, or wire brushes as they will scratch the glass and window frames.
  • The wrong water type. A lot of water is required to properly clean windows and because of its convenience, many people use tap water. Unfortunately, this can result in streaks because tap water in the majority of areas is rich in minerals such as limestone. Ideally, you should use purified water when cleaning windows as it is the best solution for dissolving and removing stubborn dirt and dust.

Not Dusting Windows First

Before your windows with cleaning spray and water, it is a good idea to dust them first to remove a significant amount of dirt and debris. This will help you to notice the dirtiest parts of the windows as well as helping to prevent streaks.

Using Cheap or Dirty Cloths

Working with inadequate equipment can make any household task more challenging and often leads to poor results. Microfiber cloths are an important part of any window cleaning tool kit as they are excellent for drying windows, however, they have a tendency to become dirty quickly and ineffective, therefore they should be washed or replaced regularly.

Cleaning Large Areas at Once

Another common mistake when window cleaning is over-focusing on an area that is too large. The best technique is to focus on a smaller area, so it is easier to tell how the cleaning process is going and what changes need to be made.

Cleaning windows step-by-step will likely save you time, especially if you are distracted and forget what has been cleaned, resulting in you starting the process over. Drying can also be problematic when cleaning too large an area, as the water will start to dry before you have had time to clean it.

Cleaning With Too Much Spray

Applying too much cleaning solution or using a formula that is too concentrated can cause your windows to dry too quickly, leaving behind streaks. It is important to follow the directions provided and use the correct amount of cleaning product to avoid having windows that look worse than before the cleaning process. To remove all the dirt and debris caught in the spray, you can use a squeegee and a window sweeper to wipe the windowpane clean.

Incorrect Drying Methods

To ensure that windows don’t build up dust and remain streak-free, it is essential to follow the correct drying technique. Use a squeegee and window sweeper to remove as much water as you can to prevent streaks, then after some time dry the windows regularly with a microfiber cloth to remove dust that naturally builds up.

Window Cleaning Mistakes

Window cleaning can take up a good chunk of your free time, this is particularly true if you are making some of the common window cleaning mistakes such as using the wrong water and cleaning solution, not removing dust and debris first, and drying windows incorrectly.

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