Why Opt for an Undermount Sink vs. a Vessel Sink
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Why Opt for an Undermount Sink vs. a Vessel Sink

You’ll never forget the first time you laid your eyes upon a vessel sink. Perhaps it left an impression on you, making you feel like you’re at a fancy restaurant or at a gala. Vessel sinks have become popular among homeowners in recent years because they have an unusual aesthetic.

However, behind its artistry are some features that are not so great; you might want to think twice before getting a vessel sink. This buyer’s guide will help shed some light on why we think under-mount sinks are the better option for you.

Drawbacks of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are some of the most visually appealing fixtures in a bathroom. However, they also have some drawbacks. Take a look at these disadvantages.

Difficult to Clean

Vessel sinks are tricky to clean. They have extended surface area and more opportunities for grime to pile up in the fissures where the countertop meets the sink. Plus, they have a higher water-splash potential, leaving your bathroom messy. Vessel sinks can be ideal for guest rooms but not for bathrooms that are often used—all that scrubbing can be troublesome.


Keep in mind that vessel sinks are attached in just one spot. This makes them easy to install, which is a plus point, but they can also get rocky and unstable, so there’s that. This can be a headache, but it doesn’t happen often enough to be a huge deal.


If you’ve ever forgotten to turn off the faucet and let it go a few drips at a time, you know how quickly your sink can fill up with water. Vessel sinks can be messy if not used carefully. Water will overflow from the bowl, flooding the bathroom floor and leading to water stains.

Usually, an overflow drain prevents overflows from resulting in a puddle. However, a vessel sink doesn’t have this feature. To avoid this unsightly issue, you must use these types of sinks with extreme caution.

Tough to Use for Little Ones

Because of its bowl design, vessel sinks are attached at one end only, unlike other sinks that are attached around the whole perimeter of the sink. This lack of stability causes issues, and typically, a vessel sink might shift to one side when you wash your hands, causing structural damage to the sink.

Also, the rim heights on these sinks are much higher than that of your traditional sink. This makes it difficult for little children to use. They sit high above the counter, and children might not be able to wash their hands at this height. If you have kids, make sure you have a step stool at hand.

Uses More Space

It’s common for people to install vessel sinks because they’re still popular and trendy. However, many consumers feel like vessel sinks date their space more than a traditional under-mount sink. There are arguments on both sides, but if you want to take a safe design approach, we recommend the installation of an under-mount sink or a wall-hung sink.

Opt for a Better Option: The Undermount Sink

As the name implies, an under-mount sink is installed under your countertop. Installing the sink this way gives it a sleek and seamless appearance. The method of installation requires these sinks to be made out of superior-quality materials. Stainless steel, copper, and cast iron are some of the common types of materials used for an under-mount sink.

Why Undermount Sink Is Better

Undermount sinks are ideal for your home’s looks. They’re installed from under the countertop rather than exposed on top of it. This helps make the rest of your bathroom look better because the water stains won’t be as visible.

The benefits of having an under-mount sink include a clean looking bathroom, easy installation, and a more harmonious appearance with your other bathroom decorations.

Installing the sink under your countertop can make cleaning much easier because it gives you easy access to every nook and cranny. Since there are no seams on your countertop, you can simply slide any dirt into the sink and drain them out.

Furthermore, under-mount sinks are more appealing than you might think. Because of how they are installed, your cute countertop will stand out even more. No lengthy rims steal the spotlight, making your bathroom look neat and posh.

The Takeaway

When deciding whether you want a vessel or an under-mount sink, in the end, it will come down to one’s personal preference. Vessel sinks offer a more interesting look that showcases a more modern aesthetic. However, their drawbacks may outweigh the appearance these sinks provide.

On the other hand, under-mount sinks offer a more sleek design and match well with most bathrooms. You will be rest assured that your under-mount sink won’t cause any problems such as water overflowing, the structure being unstable, and being hard to maintain. Although the under-mount costs more upfront, it will be worth its resale value in the long term.

Photo by Sanibell BV on Unsplash

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