What Not to Forget in Your Dallas Home Refurb
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What Not to Forget in Your Dallas Home Refurb

When considering refurbing a home, whether in Dallas or anywhere else in the country, there is a lot to think about. Your mind will no doubt be full of what you might have seen in magazines and on TV home makeover shows, but you will quickly find that those finishing touches are a long way off yet. To make sure this refurb is not a waste of time, effort, and what is going to be rather a lot of money, you need to think about some of the basics first. This won’t be anything as glamorous as luxurious drapes or a marble countertop, but are every bit as essential to the success of your Dallas home refurb project.

#1 Plumbing and electrical systems

You need to ensure that you know about any changes to plumbing and electrics in your home, as they are key to your everyday living. This might take quite a chunk out of your budget, but you cannot cut corners here for both practical and safety reasons. You should always get work done in these areas by a professional, as doing it yourself could be illegal and expensive to rework when mistakes are inevitably made. 

#2 Home Refurb – Smart home and internet

Your refurbed home will have an abundance of smart tech integrated into the new layout, so you need to make sure that your digital infrastructure is up to the task. Here, your internet service is your connection to the rest of the world, and to make sure you are not left behind, a new provider may be necessary. When looking for a new internet provider you will need to consider reliability and speed, but you should not forget that with so many devices being connected, security will also be a factor. 

#3 Solar panels and insulation

There is no denying that even in Dallas, the weather is less predictable than it used to be. By considering insulation, you are not only improving the comfort levels you and your family feel, but you could also be making a significant dent in your utilities costs. You could even take things one step further by installing solar panels and potentially wiping out an even larger chunk of that cost. Both of these will add to your budget but will repay that initial outlay over time

#4 Your outdoor space

If you have extended your property as part of your refurbishment, your garden space will have changed drastically. If your patio or decking area disappeared to accommodate a larger kitchen, you need to reestablish it in all its former glory. You might even want to take this opportunity to further up your garden entertainment game and install an outdoor kitchen as part of a much larger area. This again will add to your budget but could provide the perfect finishing touch to your refurb. After all, you don’t want guests being completely wowed by your stunning new home only to see a garden that looks like it has been used as a builder’s yard.


  • Jaaved Shekh

    Wow, this article is a lifesaver! I’m planning a home refurb in Dallas, and the tips here are so practical. I hadn’t even considered some of these points. Thanks for sharing such valuable insights!

  • Sean Cole

    Refurbishing your home helps by giving it a fresh look and feel. That can be a stressful process for many, with too many options in the market, it’s overwhelming. But in this article you have beautifully summarized some pretty major points. Thank You

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