6 Pennsylvania Exterior DIY Projects
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6 Pennsylvania Exterior DIY Projects (& What To Leave to the Pros)

Learning how to “do it yourself” (DIY) is a must for a homeowner. Whether freshening up your home’s paint or fixing a broken hose, calling in a professional whenever you need a home project done could quickly get expensive. This guide covers a few great exterior DIY projects that can boost your home’s curb appeal. We’ll also review a few exterior projects best left to the professionals.

1- Paint the Front Door

Touching up or repairing your home’s front door is an easy project you can complete in a day or less. Make sure you choose a paint product that’s designed for outdoor use. Sanding down the existing paint and using a primer can also help make the new paint stick. Time your paint project for a warm, sunny day to avoid peeling or cracking.

2- Pressure Washing

The ability to rent a pressure washer has made keeping your home’s exterior clean easier than ever. You could also invest in your own pressure washer to make cleaning your home’s exterior and outdoor furniture a regular project. Use the pressure washer anytime your exterior, driveway, or walkways appear dirty or grimy. You can also add a little cleaning product to make your home’s exterior cleaner. Detergent is a great additive that can remove mold or mildew. Swapping out your pressure washer attachments allows you to reach harder-to-clean areas, like sidewalk cracks or under stucco panels.

3- Gardening

Gardening can be a fun way to boost your home’s appearance. Make your home the best-looking on the block with a few flowers or bushes. Add colorful flowers to large décor pots to make your home stand out, or use large landscaping bushes for privacy. Potted and hanging plants also look nice on your front or back porches.

4- Update Hardware

Updating your home’s hardware is an easy task that almost anyone can do. Swap out the front door handle, exterior lighting, or your mailbox. Choose a similar color theme to create a consistent design. You can also play around with different colors and designs for your home’s address numbers. Many homeowners today are also swapping out existing brassy door handles and lights for more modern colors and themes. Consider replacing the front door for an even bigger impact on your home’s curb appeal. Swapping out your existing plastic door for a large, heavy wooden one or vice versa can make a huge difference in your home’s design. If you measure correctly, you should be able to replace your front door yourself.

5- Decorating

Decorating your exterior is an easy project that gives your home personality while suiting your and your family’s needs. Add some colorful window shutters or a neutral-colored rug on the front porch. Swap out your decorating based on the season or holidays. The decorating you choose not only boosts your home’s curb appeal but also gives it a polished design that makes it stand out.

6- Landscaping

Cutting the lawn, trimming the edges, and raking and removing leaves are all tasks that most homeowners can complete themselves. Keeping up with regular landscaping tasks gives your home a clean, tidy design. A well-maintained lawn makes other exterior designs stand out more, like your decorated porch or colorful flower pots. Some landscaping projects should be left to a professional, though. Removing large trees is just one example of an exterior project that DIYers shouldn’t attempt.

Exterior Home Projects for a Professional

Some exterior home projects do wonders for your home’s design but are best left to a professional. A professional should complete any home project that involves the use of heavy machinery or equipment. Home projects that require specialized skills or knowledge also require the services of a professional.

For example, a professional should always complete stucco remediation to ensure proper execution. Leaving your exterior remediation to a professional protects your home with advanced flashing methods. If stucco isn’t properly replaced or repaired, it could lead to water damage, resulting in an expensive project. You may also notice less window efficiency, making it more difficult to heat your home in the winter or cool it in the summer.

A licensed professional should also complete any project that involves electrical or foundation work to ensure safety. Other exterior home projects best left to the professionals include replacing windows, removing insulation, removing a tree, and repairing your roof. If you’re unsure, always consult with a professional. You can also consider the risks of improper installation. Improperly cutting your lawn won’t have as much of an impact as improper repair of your stucco.

Certain DIY projects can boost your home’s curb appeal, increase your home’s value, and make your home the best-looking on the block. Other projects, however, are best left to the professionals. These projects are as important, but the results can impact the home’s safety and overall value.

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