What Is Home Automation Why Do You Need It
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What Is Home Automation? Why Do You Need It?

What Is Home Automation? 

Home automation is when the internet controls electronic devices in your home. These electronic devices are connected to the internet, which controls them automatically. These appliances can work independently, and you do not have to control them using any remote or even with the help of an application. 

For instance, you can automate the lights or fans in your home to turn on as per the schedule. This will prevent you from wasting energy as the fans and lights will turn off when no one is in the house or using them. Moreover, you can set up electronic devices such as the thermostat and adjust the settings to switch on the AC before you get home, so it is pleasant and not stuffy when you come home. 

A smart house is very convenient and can help you can a lot of money on bills. In addition, it can also help you improve the security of your home. It works with the help of a network connection where the electronics are connected to the internet using different mediums such as Wi-Fi. 

With smart home automation, you can have a smart house where many of your electronic devices are connected to the internet. These devices may include lighting and even security systems. If you want to automate your home, you must connect with an Electrician Burnaby so they can install all the devices, and you can use all your devices to most of their potential. With an expert, you will not have to struggle with electronic devices and will start using automated devices much more quickly. 

Why Do You Need Home Automation? 

There are many benefits of home automation system. If you ask your electrician Burnaby to install a smart switch, you may be able to experience the following benefits: 


One of the biggest benefits of home automation is the convenience that comes with it. If you have a smart house, you do not have to worry about getting up from your chair to turn the lights on. Moreover, you can also conveniently open and close the front door if you are not at home and want to let someone in or out with the help of a smart switch.  

Smart home automation allows you to set your devices on a schedule so you can sync them with your routine. This way, you won’t have to worry about doing things manually; the devices will do them for you. For instance, if you schedule your coffee maker, you will be able to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. 

Energy Saving/ Efficiency 

If you are not too mindful of your energy consumption, then you may be spending a lot of money on electrical bills that you can easily save. With smart home automation, you can set your electronic device on a schedule, and that will switch off all the devices you are not currently using. You need to conserve energy for the environment and for your utility bills. 

Even if you are not using any of your electric devices, they may still use energy if they are on standby mode. This use of energy is called ‘vampire energy’ and can add to your bills significantly. A home automation system prevents the draining of energy, and that can save your utility bills. 

Secure Homes

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for any homeowner. If you are thinking of ways to make your home safer, then it is a good idea to increase your home’s safety with the help of home automation. Gadgets like sensors on windows and doors and security cameras can help make your home safer for your family. 

These systems will first prevent any uninvited guests from entering your home. If they do, the home automation system will alarm you and the nearby law-enforcing authorities, making your home safe. 


We have all had lazy days when we don’t even want to lift a finger to turn the lights on. In such cases, home automation systems have made daily tasks very comfortable. With such systems, you can practically control your entire smart house from the comfort of your bed. 


If you want to experience these benefits, invest in home automation and get help from a trained electrician. Kato Electrical can connect you with the best electrician Burnaby so you can get the best help, and all your electronic gadgets are connected to the systems. With the right expert, you can get all the convenience and comfort that comes with home automation and using a smart switch. 

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