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What Is A Pocket Spring Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are different from memory foam and standard innerspring mattresses. Although they offer some similarities, they have quite a few standout differences. These have been around for a while, but you may not know what exactly they bring. Depending on your needs, it can improve the quality of your sleep and help relieve muscle tension and back pain.

What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

A pocket spring mattress has individual springs enclosed within fabric pockets. Each pocket has a spring working independently from one another. Each spring reacts only to the pressure applied, resulting in excellent support and response. It doesn’t move as more traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses. For this reason, it might feel differently if you used the other two types before.

How it Looks

It can have anywhere between 600 and 13000 pocket springs. However, deciding on the number can be challenging because the counts are always based on the springs included within a king-size mattress. This means if a model has 2000 pockets, it’s the number within a king size. A single-size or super king-size model may have more or fewer. Every pocket has layers of foam padding on top of the spring to ensure maximum comfort. But you don’t see any of this from the outside.

Heat, Motion Transfer, and Support

It’s cooler than memory foam, but this depends on the exact foam type the manufacturer uses for the topper. In some cases, it can be equally hot. When it comes to motion transfer, it might not be as good when compared to memory foam. However, it still does a good job, thanks to the individual pockets that allow each spring to move independently.

This means the bed won’t shake as much, so you won’t wake your partner even if you toss and turn. Instead, it offers firm support, shaping to your body as you move on the bed. And, the individually wrapped springs provide relief for back pain.

How Long a Pocket Spring Mattress Lasts

The average lifespan is around 5 to 10 years. However, it all depends on how you take care of it. The springs go up and down as you use the mattress. So if you let your kids jump on it, expect it to last less than 5 years. Overall, the springs are durable and unlikely to wear down with regular use. You get the most out of them by regularly turning the mattress. Still, one that’s 10 to 12 years old is considered too old and should be replaced. You’ll probably feel it yourself by how it feels and performs at this point.

Who is it for

It’s good for many sleepers as it’s firm and provides solid support. The construction is especially beneficial to couples because it doesn’t transfer motion as much. Although you can only get about ten years from it, the springs inside hold up well throughout its lifespan. This means that it offers continuous support and a lasting firm feel. It’s beneficial to people who like supportive mattresses that are on the firmer side. If you suffer from back pain or tension, this might be a good choice to consider.

Additional Benefits of a Pocket Spring Mattress

Continuous firmness

Each spring is enclosed in its pocket, so it has a consistent tension at all times. As a result, the mattress has a level of firmness that lasts for years.

Excellent body support

As said, it offers support for your entire body, but this depends on the spring tension and the number of pockets. This allows you to choose among several firmness and support levels depending on what you need.

Pain and pressure relief

The support it offers is excellent for relieving the pain and pressure you might feel in your back. In addition, sleeping on such a mattress will help you get better sleep if you have insomnia, while also reducing any risk of pressure build-up over time.

How it compares to other mattresses

It’s mostly compared to memory foam because of the foam within the pockets. But, it’s more similar to innerspring mattresses because both types have springs. However, it doesn’t transfer motion as an innerspring one does, so it’s better for couples. It’s cooler than memory foam, so it’s better for high temperatures, but check what foam is used in the pockets.

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