Weather And Wearing Of Jewelry
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Weather And Wearing Of Jewelry

Have you ever considered that weather can influence the wearing of jewelry? Rain, moisture can affect certain gemstones. The cool and light rain is suitable for some fresh colors jewelry and gemstones. The most classic is the jade. As a kind of water like jade, it is necessary to put a glass of water to add some moisture to let it not too dry even in the display of the counter. Appropriate moisture can let emerald more moisturize.

Like the jade, the turquoise and Hetian jade are also very suitable for wearing on a light rainy day. As long as they are not too “bold and careless”, a small amount of water will not affect them. For jewelry fans who collect opals, it is better not to miss the opportunity to show your love jewelryarabic name necklace. Abundant moisture in a light rainy day can effectively help opal avoid water loss and keep its colorful beauty.

Wearing of jewelry on a rainy day!

Even if the rain is very small, the following gemstones that are afraid of water are better not to wear out!

For example, it is often misunderstood that pearls can dip into water at will. Although it is bred from the water, it is still cannot touch water. The main component of the organic gemstone pearl is calcium carbonate, which has a gas permeable pore and a layer of bead. As a result of water absorption between bead layer expand degree is different, the infiltration of moisture easily causes bead layer to break away and damage the texture of the pearl personalized birthstone necklace. Especially the pearl necklace or the full-hole chain style is not only the pearl itself, but also the bead line will be affected.

Lapis Lazuli, as a Cryptocrystalline Aggregate

Similar to lapis lazuli, as a cryptocrystalline aggregate, it contains a small amount of pyrite and calcite, and its low density also leads to a relatively loose texture and is not resistant to corrosion. Excessively humid weather and the rainy air in the air will unwittingly hurt its own luster and longevity, and if you find that your lapis lazuli’s color starts to darken, it’s probably too wet.

In addition, the composition of the rainwater is very complicated, notthepure water. Like some areas with serious environmental pollution, the pH value of rainwater exceeds the standard and will cause damage to jewelry!

If there is rain directly stained on it, remember to wipe it with a cotton cloth as soon as possible and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

Choose a colorful gemstone with rich color, which will make the beauty of the color eye-catching at a glance. Gemstones such as red sapphire, emerald, fender stone, and tourmaline are more famous for their color. Even if there is no brilliance on cloudy days, they can still catch people’s eyes.

Sugar-Packed Mountain

Especially for cuts like “sugar-packed mountain”, not too concerned about the brilliance of the gem and more focused on showing the color of the gem, it is very suitable for cloudy days. If you want to be better match every day, then you can choose the round beads or the egg faceted.

Don’t wear these on cloudy day son a cloudy day, due to the weak light source and insufficient light, some jewels that win by transparency will look like brilliance or the water is not as good as that in sunny day. For example, diamonds that have always been flaming, unless there is a deliberate light or angle, it is difficult to compare with color gems on cloudy days.

By the same token, on the cloudy day when the light source is weak, the water of the jade does not look good. To show the beauty of white ice and floating flowers, it is a little “powerless”.

Whether it is a windy day, a rainy day, or a typhoon day, as long as it is a bad weather, it is suggested that not to wear jewelry to go out! Safety comes first. When going out in bad weather, everyone must first consider the safety. Even if you wear jewelry, you will not be too much caring. It is difficult for others to pay special attention to appreciation.

Especially the slender necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc., the probability of loss is greatly increased. If the fasteners and the joints are not checked in advance, they cannot be found if lost in the heavy wind and heavy rain.

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