Using Window Shades as Accessories
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Using Window Shades as Accessories

Window shades and blinds are an essential part of a well decorated room. The fact that most windows around our houses and apartments cannot simply exist without anything blocking the sunlight from coming through makes window shades a necessity. And why not turn that necessity into an accessory to decorate your room and bring some more coziness to your living spaces.

One way to combine your shades in a stylish way is to try and work out a good color match for the color of the walls in the room. Big window blinds manufacturers like have a huge variety of color, shades and tones, which you can see on their websites. When choosing colors for the shades there are several options. You can try to directly match the color of your walls. Another option is to make the blinds the accent in your room by choosing a color that is an opposite of the color of your walls.

A great accessory can be blinds with patterns on them. There are whole science experiments proving that different shapes evoke different parts of our brains to function better. For example, patterns with wave like shapes have been proven to make the atmosphere in a room more relaxing and stress free. This is why using shades that are patterned can not only be a great accessory to your room, but also stimulate your brain function.

An important factor when choosing the most appropriate shades for your room is the size of the window. Choosing a patterned shade which covers more than half of a wall is probably not a good idea, because it will no longer be an accent, but a rather big part of your walls. Thus the size of the windows that need covering should always be taken into consideration.

If you are looking for blinds for a children’s room it is a great idea to think of the child’s favorite cartoon or comic book character. Some shade suppliers provide custom made fabrics, which allows customers to choose pictures and figures, as well as colors and sizes. If you opt for this option both you and your child will be happy, as the blinds will finish the look of the room, while also bringing favorite characters to the atmosphere.

On the other hand if you are looking for shades for a utility room, or a kitchen space there are many options to choose from. All shades nowadays are washable which is of extreme importance for spaces prone to spillages and dirt.This is good because suitable blinds for such rooms would be ones with lighter shades which would allow more sunlight to come into the room. On the contrary shades for bedrooms and sleeping rooms are usually in darker colors, as the block light more effectively and provide a good sleeping experience.

The world of shades is ever growing and options are almost limitless nowadays thanks to shops like Select Blinds in Canada, so you have the perfect opportunity to accessorize and improve the atmosphere in your home.

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