Top Reasons To Choose Natural Bug Repellents
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Top Reasons To Choose Natural Bug Repellents

It doesn’t matter where you live, there will be bugs that annoy you, spread disease, and can even damage your home. These bugs play an important role in the natural order of things. But, that doesn’t mean you want them in your home or yard. That’s why people use bug repellents and find out more about their local pest control experts. However, an increasing number of people are looking at natural bug repellents instead of chemical options. There are several reasons why this is a good idea.

Better For The Environment

Any type of chemical, even those considered harmless, can be damaging to the environment. As people are becoming increasingly aware, the planet is currently in a fragile state. Between climate change, poor governance, the loss of biodiversity, and the huge amounts of waste on the planet, the Earth needs all the help it can get. Anything individuals can do will help make a difference and that includes switching from chemical bug repellents to natural ones. Don’t forget, it’s not just the environment that benefits. Some bug repellents are powerful enough that they can harm human or pet health.

More Effective

What may surprise you the most is that many natural bug repellents are as effective as chemical ones at preventing bugs from attacking. If they are just as effective and kinder to the environment there seems little point in using a chemical bug repellent.

They Smell Better

Chemical bug repellents have a distinctive aroma and it’s not generally a pleasant one. In contrast, a natural repellent can smell delightful, making it significantly nicer to wear. Even better, many natural bug repellents can be made at home and can be adjusted to create the aroma you like the most. That doesn’t mean you should try to change the aroma of a shop-purchased natural bug repellent. That’s not an option with a chemical repellent. Trying to adjust it can make the solution useless.

Cost Effective

Natural bug repellents tend to be cheaper to buy or make than chemical ones. This is great news if you’re on a budget or are dealing with a major infestation. Of course, if there is a big issue it is better to get some professional help.

Better For Sensitive Skin

Chemical bug repellents can be a real issue for anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. They are likely to cause a reaction. This can result in a rash or something more serious. Fortunately, the alternative, natural bug repellents don’t give you the same issues. It’s unlikely they will react with sensitive skin, allowing you to keep the bugs away while staying itch and rash free.

Health Benefits

Any chemical bug repellent is likely to have DEET in it. Unfortunately, this has been linked with damage to the central nervous system when it’s used incorrectly. While further research is ongoing, if there is a chance that using a chemical,-DEET-based, bug repellent will make you ill, it’s definitely better to avoid it and choose a natural option.

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