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Top 5 DIY Home Improvement Ideas In 2021

DIY Home Improvement is an enriching activity. The hobby of learning and trying new things keeps a person active and positive. Psychologically, you feel more in control of your circumstances and your surroundings.

Home improvement ideas can be of two types. On the one hand, you can go big and decide to create or refurbish an entire deck. It will help if you read up on Composite Decking vs. Wood to see how composite decking can transform your house, giving it a modern and elegant look.

On the other hand, if you are dipping your toe into DIY, then smaller projects may be the way forward at first. Below we will look at some of the smaller projects you can attempt as a DIY newbie to help uplift your home and mood.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Most manual thermostats can be replaced easily by a programmable thermostat. These devices have outdoor sensors to measure the outside temperature; they also remote sensors that relay the information to the thermostat controller. The simplest versions cost around $35.

The simpler models can only control heating. If you have an advanced HVAC system, you will need to find an appropriate controller to control other functions such as humidity automatically.

The project is quite simple if the existing thermostat system matches well with the controller you buy. Otherwise, one extra wire may need to be routed to connect the controller and the furnace, requiring some electrical work experience.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas Hide all the Cords

You can always be better at hiding cords around the house. The most common culprits are the cords under TVs, internet routers, computer wires under the desks, and charging cables.

I have fixed my mobile’s charging cable inside my drawer by drilling a hole inside to keep it out of sight. Some cords will be easy to hide, like computer wires, so you may want to start there.

There are plenty of ways you can choose to be better. You can use tubing to combine multiple wires into one easy to route tube. Then you can hook the tube behind furniture or better guide it on the floor.

You can also go hardcore and cut up the drywall behind appliances to direct cords through the wall. That way, you get an utterly wireless atmosphere in the living room.

Refinish your Tiles and Grout

If you want the most bang for your buck, you should look into refinishing your tiles and their grout. Tiles and grout get significantly worse over time, but we tend to ignore them. But if cleaned, the results are pretty visible and effective relative to the low effort and trim costs required.

You have a few options. If you want a completely brand new look, you can buy a tile refinishing kit with special paints that go over sinks, tiles, and tubs. Or, you can get specialized grout cleaners for as low as $25 and scrub your way to the original color.

DIY Home Improvement Ideas Shelf It Up

When I moved into my new home, the walls were completely bare. The closets were OK, but there was simply no other storage space in the rooms. Everything had to be put into drawers, cabinets, and closets.

Then I invested in shelves, and Oh boy! I can’t recommend this enough. Shelves allow you to spice up empty and bare walls everywhere with all kinds of items.

Install shelves on a kitchen wall to display colorful crockery or the crockery you use multiple times a day. Choose various layers and put valuable items on the bottom shelves and decorative items on the top.

You can install a shelf in a bedroom corner to declutter your side tables and drawers, or put your alarm clock, wallet, Rubik’s cube, and a few books on it. Half of my drawer is now on a shelf.

With the proper tools, shelves are easy to install, but you should get another person to help you.

Add a lot of Greenery

You can add a good amount of Greenery around the house without the fear of overdoing it. For example, you can add Greenery in entryways, around kitchen windows, and in sunny bathrooms.

If you are worried about keeping care of the Greenery, that’s understandable. You can start with fake plants and vines. Small pots and vases should be arranged around windows that open outside. Vines can go around a kitchen window. Larger vases should go in the corners of living rooms and corridors.

And remember, it’s the effort that counts!

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