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Tips for Opening a Bar in the USA

If you are planning to open a bar, you need to know what to do to succeed. Failing to arm yourself with the right information might backfire on you. Here are some tips that you should follow when opening a bar:

Pick Your Target Market

When opening a bar, the biggest mistake that you can make is trying to appeal to everyone. New bar owners try to incorporate more services and offerings thinking that it will result in more customers. However, this is likely to have the opposite effect.

People who frequent pubs like to visit places that fit their needs, lifestyles, and interests.

You cannot tailor your bar to meet the needs of everyone. If you are in a residential and quiet neighborhood filled with seniors, you should use décor that reflects this. On the other hand, if your bar is in an urban and predominantly young area, you should create a setting best suited for parties and raves.

Choose a Concept and Be Consistent

You cannot move forward without a theme or concept because there are different types of bars. For instance, a sports bar is vastly different from a dive bar in terms of décor, pricing, and function. You cannot just open a bar then make changes as you go.

You have to choose a theme that matches your target audience. Once you do this, you should make the theme consistent throughout the bar: technology systems, décor, and employees. To make sure that you get maximum productivity out of work time hours, you should track employees’ activities with tools that you can find at

Study the Competition

In business, originality matters but you cannot reinvent the wheel, especially in the bar industry. You need to look at what other bars are doing and do the same. This tactic will work well if the bars in your neighborhood are serving the target market that you would also like to serve.

What makes the bars successful? Is it their décor, pricing, or location? You should pay attention to such small details and emulate the successful ones while avoiding the ineffective ones. If you are starting a bar in the state of Texas, you need to seek legal advice from liquor law experts like Monshaugen & Van Huff.

Point of Sale and Technology

If you do not use technology to streamline your operations, you will not succeed. Not only is the market saturated with technology options, but tech is also affordable for all types of businesses. The technology that you choose can either make or break your business.

Technology streamlines your transactions, reducing the likelihood of errors. When you have many transaction errors, you will lose money. Moreover, with reporting that is not up to par, you will not make the best decisions for your business.

Your Staff

Every customer wants good service from the staff. If you hire employees who have no people skills, the success of your bar will suffer. No matter what you do to your décor or how many free drinks you offer the customers, you will lose customers without great service. Because of the abundance of bars in the US, you should invest in great employees to attract business.

Make sure that you conduct thorough background checks and ask for referrals. You should also train your employees if you want them to offer good service to your customers.


You should keep the above tips in mind when opening a bar if you want it to succeed. Once business picks up, you should keep offering good customer service to avoid losing your loyal customers.



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