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The P-Shot Treatment in Kansas City Is So Famous, But Why?

There are various treatments of infertility introduced. However, P-Shots have surfaced one of the most popular treatments, especially in the city of Kansas. Today, we are going to see what makes P-shot treatment popular among patients, and is it effective or not. So, stick to the end!


Priapus Shot is a treatment which improves sexual performance. It’s designed for men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease.  It’s ideal for those who have lost function that’s to prostate, diabetes, or side effects from medicine. It’s a modern procedure which is painless and offers long-lasting results including lasting erection, performance and helps to shape the genital in case there was an issue with it.

The cost of these shots varies from one facility to another. If the patient wants to save up money on it, they better pay case instead of using a credit card; it’s a rule of thumb. Still, this treatment and the follow-up can cost $1,500-$2,200!

Does It Work the p-shot treatment?

Is the evrnu p-shot treatment effective? Well, the results are very positive. But you better realize that it’s not everyone will have the same results. For most patients, it can help increase the light, girth, and the ability to hold your erection for long. Sensitivity is also improved, but you have to take a wait a few weeks before enjoying full benefits.

There is no specific protocol in place which shows how often you should take this treatment. Most people get good results between the periods of 8-12 months. It depends on your specific case and follow-up treatments.

What makes a Good Candidate for The P-Shot Treatment?

Anyone who feels they are not able to perform well sexually is an ideal candidate for P-Shot treatment. These shots have several other advantages over other infertility treatments.  Men who have erectile dysfunction, although they have prostate cancer or the reasons is something else. It’s important for people to have a brief consultation to determine if they make a good candidate for this treatment or not.

This treatment is a PRP solution, just like the vampire treatments. Your blood is drawn for plasmas enriched growth factors and harvested into the shot to improve your sexual health. Fortunately, there are no side effects of this treatment.  Yes, you might have slight bruising thanks to the needles and sensitivity, but everything will be alright.

When you compare P-shots other treatments, you will realize the side effects are non-existent.

Is it Safe the p-shot treatment?

Because your Platelets are used, there is little chance of rejection or irritation the P-short is safe to process and has a few protects. Safety is the priority here. Therefore the staff goes through extensive training and certification to complete this treatment safely and effectively. 

Pain is a concern with medical procedures. Well, aesthetics are used before the shot is delivered; this eliminates the pain. Yes, we understand the idea of an injection in your genitals might scare you but don’t worry, it wont hurt!

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