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The Best Gift Ideas For Her in 2022

Love is an incredible thing. It’s as if by some magic, some miasma in the air that you fall in love with her more and more every day. You fall in love with the sunlight that glints through her hair. You fall in love with the curve of her smile. You fall in love with the dimple in her left cheek that forms only when she laughs extra hard at a particularly circuitous joke. You fall in love with every distant molecule of her being, in a way that you’re not sure you could have ever been emotionally prepared for. Your love is vast. It’s every part of you, yet sometimes you struggle to put it into words. Sometimes it feels like you’re reaching and you just grab air. In those vacuous moments gasping for oxygen in some benign platitudes about love. Instead, consider this, consider giving her a gift that she can hold. A quantifiable token that she can keep forever. Consider getting her something from this list I’ve compiled of some of the best gift ideas for her.

Proper Protection

Does your love have a spiritual side? Is she someone who is in tune with the inner workings of our universe? If so then you should consider getting her this crystal for evil eye protection. When you’re dealing with the other side you can never be too careful. It’s always to one’s advantage to have a solid form of protection at your side. And to top it all off, they’re really cute! And would look great as a decoration in any home! Listen I’m not saying I fully believe, all this kind of stuff but I am saying that, I’d be a little more comfortable with it all if I knew my girl had some kind of protection!

No Such Thing as Leftover Love

Who says Valentine’s Day should only be one day a year? I think we should be celebrating this incredible occasion at least biannually…if not weekly!! Thankfully the superheroes over Spongelle agree with me because they still have this amazing collection of Valentine’s Day gifts up on their site. Any one of these items is sure to make a night to remember, but if you’re feeling frisky why don’t you buy a couple of these bad boys and make it a night you’ll never forget!

Looking Festive!

Is your special someone, a person who loves to go out. She loves to look her best at the latest fest. Is a festival the only place where she feels she can truly be free? Then you should consider getting her some of this sick festival clothing from Iheartraves! They have all the latest styles and the hottest trends so that you know she’s looking cute and cutting edge! And if she’s vegan, don’t worry! The looks in this collection feature only vegan and faux leather, meaning you can’t go wrong with whatever style you decide on! Festival clothing might be the right choice for a present.

Gift Ideas For Her – Flowers That Stay Forever

So we’ve been through a couple of options, and while they’re all amazing they haven’t quite the sweet spot for you yet. That’s okay, that’s what we have multiple entries for! So in that respect, the next item on our list is for the women in our lives who appreciate more of a classical romantic kind of twist to their gifts. This is for the woman in your life who is wrapped up in those bright lights and that big city. Well, the only common thing between love and fame, is that they rarely last forever, but these forever lasting roses do! This is a beautiful bouquet from one of the world’s finest rose producers. They are a tender touching gift that oozes romance and sophistication, and would make a perfect gift for the love in your life!

A Little Something for Her Little One

Let’s be honest. Sometimes try as we might, we’re just number two in our loved one’s eyes. You see not every relationship is so simple, sometimes there’s a third wheel. Sometimes there’s some competition. And just keeping in our honestly when that competition has four cute furry little legs, a scruffy nose perfect for booping, and is the best little guy in the whole wide world? Buddy! I hate to say it, but you ain’t winning! That’s why my suggestion is that if you can’t beat them, join them. So why not get your canine competitor a sweet little something from Wild One? They are a company that is blowing up right now, due to the quality of their products and their sophisticated designs. It’s never a bad idea to win points with someone who’s on the inside track, especially if that someone is her furbaby! 

Don’t Feel Boxed In

So we’ve been through a couple of ideas so far, and some of you might be asking. “Wait don’t girls like makeup, where is the makeup?” Well, A. Gross, and B. as some of our other readers are aware, makeup can present a challenging gift. When someone likes the way they look and they get attached to their makeup it is next to impossible to pull them off it. That’s why I’m suggesting you do something a little broader, like getting her a beauty subscription box! These are sleek little boxes that contain several samples for her to try at her leisure. This is great because it’s a low-commitment way to try new brands without giving up on the tools that she’s come to rely on! If you see your boo lingering in the makeup aisle this might be the gift for you!

When you’re getting someone you love a gift, there’s a bit of pressure there. Sometimes it feels so easy to get the wrong thing. Well, I’m here to tell you, don’t get discouraged! In this guide, there are amazing gifts that anybody would love! Just follow your heart, listen to your gut, and we know you’ll make the right call! And if you need a little extra guidance? Well just give this article another pass through, and I’m sure you’ll find the gift that works best for you!

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