Studying in the Morning — Top Tips for Staying Awake
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Studying in the Morning — Top Tips for Staying Awake

Years of tradition have surrounded studying in the morning. Nowadays, students do this until late at night. However, many wake up early to do it. Learning early in the morning brings various benefits since nature is quiet, ‌and your brain is fully active, so you can study freely without distractions. But, one of the major issues students face during this time is sleepiness. While you may have slept well, you will always feel sleepy upon waking up early in the morning. Therefore, this post will discuss the top tips for studying in the morning to avoid feeling sleepy or tired.

Develop a Study Plan

A study plan can guide you toward success by avoiding sleepiness while studying. Before you begin, list what you want to accomplish during each study session. Working in short, focused blocks of 30 to 40 minutes is best. It lets you dedicate a certain amount of time to studying material.

The study session will also include the material you plan to cover. You could, for instance, break this biology assignment into sections and dedicate 30 minutes to each. After each study session, you can take a break and recharge before diving into the next. Breaks should be short — about five to ten minutes — so you will not lose track of what you need to accomplish.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water in the early morning while studying to avoid sleepiness. Water benefits your health and plays a crucial role in various activities. After a long sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and devoid of water. 

Therefore, people usually drink water when they wake up in the morning. Drinking plenty of water when you wake up early in the morning is also essential, which will keep you hydrated and activate your brain cells, reducing sleepiness. You will also be able to maintain your concentration while studying if you stay hydrated after waking up.

Engage in Active Learning

It’s impossible to stay awake reading notes or textbooks passively. Nevertheless, if you focus on learning the material actively, you can improve your concentration.

Listed below are some active learning methods:

  • Take notes as you read, and write any questions you have
  • Organize each topic by creating summary notes
  • You can share your knowledge with others
  • Get your classmates involved in the discussion
  • Take your learning and apply it to the real world
  • Examine relevant case studies
  • Stay away from your bedroom

Getting out of your bedroom in the morning is essential to avoid sleepiness. You will probably fall asleep again if you study in your bedroom, especially on the bed. You must get out of your bedroom to help separate your body and mind from the sleeping space. 

By doing this, you’ll automatically get out of the situation. Suppose you’re learning how to create an online course on a website that makes online courses. Make sure the place you’re studying connects with your daily studying. A table and desk are ideal in this case. It’ll get you motivated.

Studying Shouldn’t be Comfortable

Getting too comfortable during the study is one of the major causes of falling asleep. It is best not to study in bed to avoid this — separate study and sleeping areas to help your brain distinguish between them. 

Ideally, sitting on a desk and chair with a straight back would be best. While studying, bright lights can help you stay focused and awake. The best way to improve your concentration and memory is to change your study spot every day, but make sure that none makes you sleepy.

Avoid Using Social Media

Although social media can be a distraction, it can also make you sleepy in the early morning when studying. Try to mute your phone’s notification sounds from social media before you sit down to learn so that they do not disturb you.

You’ll usually get distracted by these sounds. It is tempting to check on what your friends are doing whenever you feel drowsy, but this might move you away from your major distraction and cause you to feel drowsy once again. As a result, it would be best to avoid social media.


Studying in the morning can be one of the best learning times. However, sleepiness is a huge challenge for many students. But with the above tips, you will surely achieve your maximum productivity.

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