How to Make Your Dorm Room Cozy
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How to Make Your Dorm Room Cozy

Whether you are a senior in college or a freshman, living in a dorm has its own set of challenges. It’s natural to miss home and everything that’s in your place. Adjusting to a dorm room is one of the hardest things that you’ll face. However, you’ll be spending most of your time in your place. Your place is your sanctuary. You’ll be there during the good and bad times. Therefore, it’s important to create a space that will help you enjoy your time in college. To ensure that you ease into your dorm room comfortably, here are some of the best tips on how to make a dorm room cozy.

1.      Hang photos of your loved ones

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your room cozy is by adding something that reminds you of home. Hanging photos of your loved ones will help you feel at ease in your new environment. Apart from helping you feel comfortable and happy, the pictures will decorate your room. Looking at them will remind you of the good times you had together. And you’ll look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks or months. To get enough time and energy to choose the best photos, you need to get help with writing research papers as soon as possible. Hanging photos is one of the best cozy dorm room ideas.

2.      Invest in plants

Plants have the power to brighten up any space regardless of how dull it is. Plants will make your room feel fresh and cozy. There are a lot of indoor plants to choose from in the market. If you are new to indoor plants, you should consider getting a plant that requires minimal attention and maintenance. You should also avoid plants that can injure you or your friends. Always consult an expert before making your purchase to make informed decisions. Choosing a good plant can take a lot of time. You need to find websites that do essays for you to submit your papers on time and get good grades as you create a cozy dorm.

3.      Keep your room organized

One of the hardest things about living in a dorm room is the small space. If you were used to having a huge room at home, you are going to have a hard time adjusting to what you have. However, it’s not a difficult task. To make the most out of your room, you need to keep it organized. Having clutter all over will reduce your free space and make it harder to decorate your room. To organize your room, start by eliminating everything that you don’t need. For instance, books and other reading materials that you can find online should be eliminated. Invest in under-bed storage containers and baskets to keep things off the floor. Living in a disorganized room will make it difficult for you to study and relax.

4.      Create a simple and cozy workspace

As a college student, you’ll be spending most of your time attending classes, writing assignments, and preparing for exams. To get good grades, you have to create a simple and cozy workspace in your room. By having a cozy workspace, your study sessions will be a breeze. And you’ll have an easy time understanding various concepts. All you need is a good desk, chair, and computer. Keep the desk area clean and organized to boost your focus.

5.      Transform your floor

If you are living in an old dorm, the floors can be less than ideal. You don’t have to live with this till you graduate. You can fix this by investing in a rag or two. In the marketplace, there are a lot of rugs to choose from. And you’ll likely get something that you love. Rugs add depth and texture to your room and make you feel comfortable in your space.

6.      Improve your lighting

When it comes to making your space feel cozy, lighting plays an important role. If your room isn’t properly lit, you should consider investing in some lamps. Adding light will not only brighten your room but also add warmth. A warm room is perfect during the winter months.

7.      Invest in cozy pillows

If you want to add texture, style, and comfort to your space, pillows are the best. There are countless ways to express your style through pillows. If you have a neutral room, this is one of the best ways to add color and fun.


In college, you’ll be spending most of your time in your dorm room. You’ll stay in there on both good and bad days. Therefore, you must make it cozy. The best part about making your dorm room cozy is, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. All you need to do is eliminate clutter, invest in a good desk and chair and make your walls appealing by adding colors and pictures. Organizing your room will make it look bigger and you’ll have the chance to improve it in whichever way you deem fit. Having a cozy dorm room will greatly improve your college experience.

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