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Morning Yoga For A Gentle Wake up

Due to these hard days in which the Covid 19 strikes a lot of countries our only concern is to stay at home and stay safe. But this could be for some of us an extraordinary effort to not embrace a sedentary life. For those who want to avoid that kind of lifestyle keep reading the following morning yoga exercises.

More often, our morning routine could be boosted by a couple of beginner yoga exercises. Simplest movements that you can imagine made without any kind of accessories for our workout. You will just need a gym mattress or the floor. If you have a small corner in your house that is free of stuff that could be your next yoga space. Of course, you can add relaxing things, like candles (read this), oil burners (read this) or incense to create a proper atmosphere.

Keep following these yoga exercises and you will feel better and more relaxed each morning.

1. Child’s Pose

One of the most common yoga poses is this “child pose” where your back, your shoulders and your legs will be stretched. It will help you to relax your muscles and relieve stress and pain.

Start by standing on your belly with your hands straight in front of your head. From there you have to bring your butt to your soles and your chest on your knees. Keep your forehead on the floor and your hands in front of your legs and try to stretch.

This should be done depending on your flexibility for about 20/30 seconds or 8 breaths and do not forget to rest in between.

child's pose yoga


2. Sit down trunk twist

A helpful exercise that will increase your energy, but it not will bring you strength.

Sit on the floor with your back straight and your arms alongside your trunk or on the gym mattress. Bend your right foot and the other one has to remain straight in front of you. You have to rotate your trunk to the right and lean on the right hand behind you. The other hand, the left one has to be on your bend knee touching it with your elbow. Keep repeating this for 3 times with rest in between and you should do this for 20/30 seconds or 8 breaths on each side.

sit down trunk twist


3. Side by side back stretch

A cool and easy yoga exercise that will flex your back. It could be done on the floor or even in your bed.

You have to begin from a butterfly position with your legs flexed, knees bent and your soles together in front of you, you can begin to bend on the left or right side. Depending on the side you want to flex your back open your arms and make a clock position with them. Then lay with your arm in the direction that you start to flex and put behind your leg meanwhile the other arm has to be straight above the head.

Remain for 20/30 seconds or for 8 breaths on each side. Do not forget to maintain a straight back and head and do not bend in front of you, just on the right or left side.

side by side stretch


4. Cat cow stretch

You have to start from a tabletop position with your knees and hands on the floor. For the first pose you have to take a big breath, bring your belly down, your head up and your shoulders in the same position with the beginning one. Keep your feet on the floor and your neck stretched up like you have to howl to the moon. It has to be a fluid position.

The second pose has to be the reverse one and exhale with your spine up, your head down and your shoulders following it. You can lift up your soles to make the pose better flexed.

In both of the poses apply pressure on your knees and hands to improve your stretch. You can do 8 breath rounds for each position.

yoga beginner cat cow stretch


5. Bridge pose stretch

An exercise that will help your back and as well your legs to be stretched and relieve stress from them.

A back sit down position will be the start for your morning yoga exercise. Bring your feet in a 90 degree position, lift your butt from the floor and keep your head and shoulders down. Your arms have to be kept straight behind your butt and with a small pressure hold on to that position.

Keep doing that for 3 times with a rest in between and each one of it for 20/30 seconds.

a yoga bridge pose


6. Upward facing dog

Perfect for stretching your back and increasing flexibility, this starts face down. From that position start pressing with your hands on the floor and pull up your head back with your chest wide open and your knees off the ground. Your feet have to press the floor and all of your body should be stretched. Repeat this for 3 times with a rest of 20/30 seconds.

upward facing dog


7. Downward facing dog

This is the reverse of the previous exercise in which you will stretch you back, arms and legs.

You can begin from a plank position and then try to bring up your hips by using the strength of your arms, whilst keeping your knees straight. Your hands have to be brought in front of your head with your soles on the ground and your butt up.

downward facing dog,


8. Superman pose stretch

A cool way to a morning yoga pose is this all body stretching exercise that will boost your energy.

Begin to do this exercise by standing face down with your hands in front of your head with your fingers stretched on and your feet also. From that pose try to pull up your arms and your feet at the same time. Meanwhile keep your head straight and do not bend your knees or your elbows. Pull them as far as you can and reapeat for 8 rounds up and down.

Keep repeating for 3 times and do not forget to rest in between.

superman pose for morning yoga


If it is the first time that your try yoga or this kind of exercises please be careful and do not exaggerate with the stretch. Take it easy and try to copy the poses , by performing each one you will find the best one for you, your body and your daily routine.

Featured Image Source – Photo by Dave Contreras on Unsplash

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