Simple Ways to Improve Your Water Quality
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Simple Ways to Improve Your Water Quality

Several factors can affect the quality of water that you receive and use in your home. For example, in some areas, there is a high quantity of lead in the water, which is dangerous to the health of you and your family. In other cases, water has been contaminated by outside pollutants. Such incidences make it essential that you pay attention to your water supply to keep it clean and safe to drink and use. Here are a few ways you can accomplish this.

Water Filters

While water filters are essential for the purification of your drinking water, they should be regularly cleaned and replaced. Chemicals, metals, and bacteria can build up, causing a bad taste and smell. Replace filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Water for Drinking and Cooking

Allow your cold tap to run for at least two minutes before using it. This will flush out any remnants after the water has been sitting in the pipes. Never use water from the hot tap for cooking and drinking as this may contain lead from the pipes.

The water that you use for cooking and drinking should be passed through a water filter system first to remove any impurities. Water can be preboiled in the kettle and decanted into a water container for storage in the fridge so that you always have a clean quantity of cold drinking water available. It will also be protected from heat and sunlight.


While rainwater is known as soft water, once it mingles with minerals in the ground, it becomes hard water, which impairs the efficiency of your system and compromises your water quality. This results in limescale in your water system. Sidon water offers a product to descale limescale that has built up in your pipes and appliances, such as kettles and washing machines.


Lead can infiltrate old plumbing and pipes and cause lead poisoning. Therefore, pipes must be replaced before they become worn. Make sure that the new pipes are lead-free and request a nj lead free certificate for your purchase.

Water Heater

Drain all the water from your water heater tank a minimum of once a year or as advised in the manual that came with it. Not only will this improve the quality of your water, getting rid of accumulated debris, heavy metals, and bacteria, but it should improve your overall water pressure.


Pet waste and its toxins can drain into the stormwater system. It is important to pick it up immediately and either flush it in the toilet or throw it away safely with your rubbish for collection. This applies to your garden as well as the park.


Follow your gardening guide to know when to apply fertilizer and pesticides for maximum effectiveness and minimum risk. During the rainy season, runoff from these chemicals can invade the local water system.

Proper Disposal of Medicines and Chemicals

Unused prescription medicine should never be flushed into the water system. Proper disposal of medicines and chemicals should be returned to the pharmacy, which has proper procedures in place to dispose of them safely. Never flush any chemicals such as pesticides or simply throw containers away with your normal refuse. Follow these guidelines for safe disposal.

Water is essential to life, but it should be as pure and fresh as possible for the sake of your health.

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