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A Few Shopping Tips To Buy The Best Jewelry

“Shopping Tips” – Ornaments and jewelry have been an integral part of human civilization. Jewelry is not just an ornamented display of aesthetics of an individual, but also a significant reminder of their history and traditions.

Historical expeditions have revealed various forms of jewelry from different times and eras. From ivory to gold to stones and rubies, there have been many elements associated with the ornaments. The versatility of jewelry isn’t just limited to the elements used in making a piece of jewelry, but also in the types of jewelry made. Chains, earrings from Adina Eden, bracelets, pendants, charms, rings, buttons, etc. are a few examples of this vastly spread product line.

There are numerous designs and patterns available and every design conveys a unique story. Choosing a piece of jewelry that reflects your values and feelings is a good way to start your hunt for the best jewelry. Shopping is a tiring and tedious task, and it becomes more troubling when you go to buy jewelry.

What if I Advice you a Few Tips for Shopping Jewelry?

1. Look For Certificates Of Quality When Buying Ornamental Jewelry

With so many market players and a little of loops and holes in the system, fraudsters and forgers have made their way into the mainstream market. Buying a piece of jewelry through an unregistered, unlicensed seller can be a tipsy decision.

There is no credibility of the authenticity of the product. Government agencies have regulated a few quality standards and assurance certificates to help buyers. You should look for these quality standards on the product before you buy it. For example, gold, silver, and platinum jewelry have hallmark stamps over them to identify their quality standards.

2. Buy Higher Karats For Luxury And Lower For Durability

Another parameter in the standards of quality of jewelry is the carat/karat value. In the case of stones and jewels, the term used is carat and represents a unit mass equal to 200mg. Whereas, the later term (karat) is specifically used for gold to determine its purity. 24 karat is the purest form of gold. Having said that, you must know that pure gold and silver are very soft and easily breakable.

Buying higher karats is for luxury, but if you demand durable jewelry, then you should rather go for lower values of karats. When investing in a gold chain, David Chapman from Frost NYC ( suggests choosing a 10-karat gold chain for durability. The most preferably bought quality of gold is 22 karats.

3. Shopping Tips – Invest In Gold, Silver, And Diamond

Gold and silver have been invested and preserved over generations, in Asian countries. It is believed that gold and silver bring fortune. In the modern age, gold and silver have an economic advantage. Being used for currency exchange in the past, now these metals have become a tradable commodity.

Diamond has always had the status of prestigious relics amongst the ornaments. Investing in jewelry made out of gold, silver, or diamond would not only enhance your aesthetics but also secure your investments with promising returns.

4. Platinum Bands Are The New Statement For Perpetuality

With the advanced procuring techniques and processes, mass scale extraction and production of precious metals have been made profitable. Overmining of gold, silver, and diamond has rendered its market value. There has been no significant increase in the market value of these metals and stones. Luckily a new metal has now entered the race and surpassed the value of these precious elements.

Platinum is now referred to as the most valuable ornamental metal. This owes to the difficulties and cost of extraction and processing of this metal. The value of platinum has quadrupled in the past two decades and market analysts expect this value to rise ten times more in the coming decades. Now is probably the best time to buy platinum jewelry. It is elegant, precious, and versatile in nature.

Probably the hardest known commercial matter that pertains in the market. Platinum bands are the recent entry in the luxurious jewelry segment. There is no doubt that platinum is forever, owing to its high resistance to corrosion.

5. Shopping Tips – Check Out Pawn Stores For Cheaper Jewelry

Pawn shops and stores deal in used products. Unlike a thrift store where the products are sold for raising funds for social causes, the pawn shops are primarily profit scoring micro-business. People sell their old jewelry to the pawn-stars in exchange for money. These shops might not offer customized designining options, but with the available designs, the jewelry collection is pretty decent and cheaper as compared to the metalsmiths.

The reason for this price difference is the exclusion of craftsmanship. There is no manual workmanship involved when you are buying jewelry from a pawn shop. You can easily find some common jewelry like rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, and sometimes necklaces also, in a pawn shop.

6. Beware Of The Fraudulent Products

As already mentioned, the market is infested with fraudulent products and impostors. There are various ways to ensure that you purchase a genuine piece of jewelry. One of these methods, as already mentioned, is to check for quality assurance certificates and stamps. The problem is not just limited to the fake products and sellers so the products that are sold fraudulently are primarily smuggled or unethically sourced.

Make sure that you receive a proper bill and receipt of your purchase with the seller’s stamp over it. A genuine piece of jewelry would always be sold from authorized sellers and craftsmen.

Whether you are looking for a piece of jewelry to go with your ball gown or to simply put on something casually. The choice of your jewelry should always be made with the help of someone close. The color, the shade, the shape, and the design of jewelry matter a lot. Select the ones that suit your skin tone, your facial attributes, and your clothing style. For example, you cannot wear a necklace with a jumpsuit. The combination sounds abruptly nuisance. Seeking help from your friends and relatives can ease the task to a great extent.

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