Is It Worth It To Create Your Own Bespoke Men’s Suspenders?
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Is It Worth It To Create Your Own Bespoke Men’s Suspenders?

Suspenders are back in and many men couldn’t be happier. Belts can be uncomfortably tight and can still lead to you pulling your pants up constantly. Men’s Suspenders are far more comfortable and secure and even lend an air of respectability.

They can also be a good way to showcase your personality. With the right colors and patterns you can make them all your own. One of the problems, however, is that they are still not in wide use so it isn’t easy to find the style that you like.

Luckily, they are not difficult to make so if you are looking for a good DIY Valentine’s Day gift then this may be a good idea. You’ll save money, have full customization and can make sure that you are using only the highest quality material. Using some durable, yet lightweight patterned ribbon and some bits of leather and you’re in business.

1. Make the pattern for your bespoke men’s suspenders

What makes suspenders stylish is the pattern of the little details in addition to the pattern of the straps. You can use pieces of cardboard to draw out the patterns and then cut them out easily. This gives you a good chance to visualize how the final result will look, also.

Use a pencil and lightly trace around the leather if the color is light enough to see the marks. Otherwise, use a needle or something else with a fine point that is sharp and lightly etch the outline of the patter on the leather.

2. Cut out the pieces

Get yourself a very sharp box cutter type of knife and a backing used for sewing and quilts to place the shapes. You’re going to need to cut all the way through the material so it’s important to have something behind that won’t get cut or cause any safety issues.

Cut out all of the pieces before you dye the leather if it is not already dyed. This will make it look much more uniform when it is dyed later on.

You should also punch out all of the hoes where the rivets will go later on as well.

3. Dye and polish

This is where you can show your creative side. Picking the dye for the leather is part of how you should customize the suspenders. You can choose traditional leather colors in various hues. Or, you can go wild with it and pick some vibrant colors like blue, red or even yellow to stand out.

Rub the dye on making sure to give it an even coat all over the entire piece of the leather. Then, when it’s dry you need to polish it with some type of leather polish like you would use for shoes. This seals the leather and keeps it looking shiny.

4. Rivet and sew your bespoke men’s suspenders

The final step is to rivet the leather bits to close them up and then sew some decorative detail in them. Once you are happy with those results, it’s time to sew the straps onto the leather and add some hooks to attach them to your pants.

Featured Image Source: Photo by Inna Lesyk on Unsplash

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