How to Update your Home
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How to Update your Home

A question that is often on the minds of homeowners is that of when to bring the house up to date. Often, we can put this off because we are daunted by the planning process and the time and financial strain that it might involve; however, it needn’t be so difficult, and you should find your stress alleviated by following these steps. Here is how to update your home.

Set a budget

How much are you willing to spend, both in terms of time and money? The more technical the renovation jobs you want doing are, the more they’re going to cost you and therefore the more likely they are to go over budget. As such, it is advisable that you are generous in your budgeting and consider different ways to finance your projects – for instance, some look into the possibility of taking out an equity release mortgage for peace of mind.

When creating your renovating budget, it’s recommended to add an extra 20% to what the work is estimated to cost, so that you always have something extra to fall back on should there be unexpected surprises or a rise in material or labour costs. Cutting corners with cheaper contractors and materials does not always turn out to be as clever as it might seem, and, indeed, may end up costing you in the long term through having to replace entire areas or having to constantly carry out repairs. As such, spending a little more at the start to ensure the job is done properly should be a must.

Prioritize your needs

Not every job needs doing at once. It is recommended that you anticipate what might be needed in the near future: perhaps you have a child on the way and are looking to babyproof your home, or maybe a family member needs house adjustments to make it easier for them to move about the home. Equally, it is important to keep in mind which parts of the house have gone the longest without attention or are starting to show signs of needing repair. It can be tempting to do jobs that we want, but maybe not what we need. Focusing on functionality over decoration is a sensible place to start.

Go smart

Given the rising cost of living, it is definitely worth getting an assessment from an EPC surveyor to find out how to make your property as energy efficient as possible. This will save you money in the long term and is a wise investment. On this note, revolutionizing your home into a smart home by acquiring smart appliances that regulate heating and refrigeration will also conserve energy.

You can take small steps to becoming more energy efficient by replacing any old light bulbs with their new LED counterparts which put out more light for less energy- helping both the environment and your pockets. Another thing to consider is timer switches, which allow you to remotely turn your lights or appliances off or on from outside the home or simply automate them in line with your day to day habits.

Replace the décor

The most striking way to update your home is to change its look. Replacing outdated décor and furniture, changing the lighting, and even rearranging the layout of different rooms, can all do much to give your home a new ambience. These days, you can accent walls temporarily with handy peel-and-stick wallpaper, giving you greater freedom to make changes economically and conveniently.

Updating your home can seem daunting initially. But by following the guidance above, you should be all set to enjoy a revitalized home for you and your family.

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