How to Protect Floor From Rocking Chair
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How to Protect Floor From Rocking Chair

Not only do wood floors add a touch of elegance, but they also add value to your home. But the downside of having wood floors is that they are prone to mar and scratches caused by furniture, especially a rocking chair. Rocking chairs are perfect for relaxing in, and most homeowners have them at home. From children to mothers who rock their babies to sleep to old family members, rocking chairs are loved by all. But this furniture can potentially damage your wood floor and wear off its finish–even for newly laid out wood floors! This is a common problem for homeowners with rocking chairs at home.

So how do you prevent rocking chairs from scratching your wood floors?

If you are one of those homeowners with this problem, then this article is for you! We will share with you some ways how to protect your flooring from your rocking chair. However, if you are looking for more rocking chair advice, you may want to check out House Fixtures & Stuff.

#1: Rocker Covers

This is probably the most artistic way to protect your wood floors while giving your rocking chair the beautiful appearance it deserves. Rocker covers are available at crafts and furniture stores. They come in different forms; some are even made from knitting. If you are an avid knitter, you might want to try knitting a customized rocker cover for a personalized touch!

Similarly, you can also use a rubber hose found at your local hardware store. Simply cut them to the size of the rockers or rocker rails and slip them over. You can use clear epoxy or superglue to keep the strips in place.

#2: Rugs or Runners

If you don’t want to add any modifications to your rocking chair, especially if it’s an heirloom, you may want to use rug pads, floor runners, or carpet pads beneath the rockers. They not only protect your floor but also add aesthetic to your rocking chair.

Keep in mind that thick or high pile rugs can hinder the rocking motion of your rockers, so when choosing rugs for your rocking chair, you may want to consider their thickness.

Also, if it’s possible, use a flat runner made of rubber or an oval rug large enough to put the rocking chair in the center.

#3: Rubber Strips

This requires the use of inner tubes. Cut two strips of them and make sure they are as wide as the rockers but should be 2 inches shorter. Use clear epoxy to stick the strips to the rockers. Simply apply the clear epoxy to the bottom of the rockers. To do this, turn the rocking chair upside down for easy access to the rockers.

Then, attach the inner tube strip. Stretch the strip until it fits the rockers. Stretching the strip when applying also ensures you are removing the air bubbles and creating a thinner layer.

#4: Self-Adhesive Furniture Felt Pads

These pads are perfect for all types of furniture. Furniture felt pads are a great and simple way to protect your wood floors as well as other types of flooring, such as tiles and vinyl. They serve as an anti-scratch protective wall between your floor and furniture. These pads vary from 2 to 5 mm in thickness.

On a side note, felt pads tend to compress with the furniture’s weight. For this reason, we recommend using thick pads as they offer more protection by resisting compression to some extent. So, the thicker the pads, the lesser the compression.

Furniture felt pads also come in various forms. The most suitable one for rocking chairs is the felt strip rolls. Although the strips are long and thin, they are durable and have a strong adhesive at the back. The long strips provide a full layer of protection for the rockers’ entire length. Additionally, their soft texture cushions the sound the wood on wood creates.

Other ways to protect your floors from your rocking chair

Hardwood floors are vulnerable to scratches. The same goes for other types of flooring. There are other ways you can protect your hardwood floors from scratches and markings.

Simply avoid dragging your furniture across the room. You can also apply paste wax for scratch protection. However, be cautious when applying as too much can leave unwanted yellow stains on your wood floors.

Finally, if you happen to have a slate floor, you may want to leave it unfinished, as polyurethane is likely more resistant to damage compared to stone.


If you’re worried about your floors getting marred and scratched by your can’t-live-without rocking chair, then you may want to try a few things mentioned above. A simple do-it-yourself can go a long way in protecting your floors from any damage.

There are many ways you can protect them–from rocker covers to rugs to rubber strips to felt pads. You better do it as soon as possible, or you will be left with an ugly interior!

Photo by Elena Kloppenburg on Unsplash

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