How To Manage Optimal Air Quality Inside Your Home
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How To Manage Optimal Air Quality Inside Your Home

Air pollution has reached dangerous levels on earth as most big cities have high levels of pollution. It is essential to protect ourselves and our families from air particles that can cause various diseases and trigger allergies. Even at home, we inhale polluted air whether from outside, unseen flying particles, or stale air that can be harmful to our health and attract dust mites and mold. Cleaning and purifying the air inside the house is crucial to staying healthy. Here are some steps you can take to manage optimal air quality inside your home.

Get an Air Purifier

Dust and pollen can’t be seen by the naked eye and it is impossible to clean something you don’t see. Here comes the air purifier to your rescue as it draws polluted air, removes all the harmful particles, then releases clean and fresh air into the room. Air purifiers are needed in allergy season and in winter if there is no airflow in the house. They come with different features and price tags, but no matter what your budget is, look for devices with a high clean air delivery rate (CADR). High CADR means the purifier will filter the air faster.

Control Humidity in Your House

In the hot summer months, humidity can reach very high levels which can foster mold and mildew. Respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies can be triggered by mold and mildew, so it’s essential to reduce humidity around your house. Invest in a humidifier, especially if you have a family member who has asthma, as it will make their life easier by breathing clean air. There are lots of humidifiers on the market, so choose the one that fits your budget and has great reviews.

Change the AC Filter

While the main function of an air conditioner (AC) is to balance the temperature around your house, it also purifies the air from common air pollutants. However, after a while, the AC air filter can get clogged with debris and dust and it will need cleaning or replacing. If you are wondering Can You Run An AC Without A Filter, the short answer is yes. However, your indoor air quality will be compromised as anything from outside will get inside through the AC system. Additionally, your AC unit will wear down faster without a filter. Make sure to clean and replace your AC air filter regularly to improve the air quality around the house.

Add Indoor Plants … or Not?

If you need natural air filters, add indoor plants. Adding a few plants around your house will improve the air quality considerably while adding a natural relaxing atmosphere. However, they won’t be as effective as an air purifier or the AC filter no matter how many plants you get. If the plants are neglected, they can produce mold that can trigger allergies. Buy plants that won’t trigger respiratory issues especially if a family member has these issues.

Open the Windows

Let the fresh air flow inside your house and recycle indoor air unless you live in a highly polluted city. It is a free and easy way to improve air quality inside your house. Although you might want to close the windows in winter to keep the heat inside, you should recycle the stale air and let harmful particles out. Fresh air also reduces humidity in the house so dust mites won’t find a suitable environment to survive. If you use chemical products or paints, make sure to ventilate every room.

Keep the House Clean

A clean house will have less amount of dust, pollen, and pet hair which are the main reasons for poor air quality. Make sure to clean any dust and mold around your house to reduce the chances of respiratory issues. Get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and vacuum your rugs and carpets once or twice a week. Change your bed sheets regularly along with drapes and any fabrics that can store dust especially if you have pets. Declutter your house on a regular basis as clutter can hold a big amount of dust. Keeping your house clean will improve your air quality and overall health.

To prevent diseases and respiratory problems, it is essential for everyone to improve the air quality inside their houses. Having an air purifier and a humidifier will make the air significantly cleaner and fresher around your house. The AC filter must be checked regularly to be cleaned or replaced in case it gets too worn down. Open the windows and add plants to have natural air purifiers and to make your house look amazing.

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