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How To Grow Your Hair Faster 1 To 2 Inches In Just 1 Week

We live in a world where additives and preservatives have taken the place of vitamins and proteins and where pollution has reached alarming rates. Thus we must always search for cleaner, healthier methods of eating, drinking and event taking care of our hair. Everything we use damages our hair, from a blow drier to hairspray. So today we are talking about a safe method to grow your hair fast while keeping it healthy and strong. Coconut oil has been used for a long time now in hair care and hair treatment and it has been proven that it can help your hair grow faster and stronger than normal. See more ideas on this topic here.

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How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

As stated, additives and toxins make more damage to your hair and stop it from growing, even coconut oil can be found in additive form so you should search for organic virgin coconut oil like Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil which we recommend and can be found in heath food stores. There are many products nowadays that promise a lot like a beach wave crimper solution or bounding solutions used for bleached hair. It is up to you to choose the right products for your hair type.

1. Warm the Coconut Oil

The first step is to warm the coconut oil. You can place the jar in warm water or in the palm of your hands. Do not use the microwave accuse it can damage the chemical structure of the oil.

2. Dampen with Warm Water

Do not use it on dry hair, nor really wet. Just dampen the hair with a little bit of water before applying the oil.

3. Spoon Coconut Oil

Start with one spoon of coconut oil and place it into your hand and rub it.If you have long hair you will require at least 4 tablespoons. Apply the oil to your roots.

4. Massage the Scalp

The scalp’s circulation must be amplified so massage it for at least three minutes. Be thorough.

5. Put on Shower Cap

Cover your hair with a shower cap or an aluminium foil.

6. Wait

Thirty minutes with the shower cap on is the minimum. If you can, keep your hair like this over night.

7. Wash off

You can wash the hair with a sulfate and preservative free shampoo. Besides the growth effect, the coconut oil will leave your hair shiny and healthy.

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