How To Choose Design University In 2022 - 10 Tips For Students
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How To Choose Design University In 2022 – 10 Tips For Students

Is a design university on your mind? Design universities and colleges have been taking the education world by storm. Their burgeoning popularity explains the growing number of students interested in design programs and colleges. By 2021, the total student population of the top design schools stood at 74,981.

Given the trend, a lot of universities are now offering programs in design. We’ve tried to scour the field for you to identify top tips for choosing the very best design university, one that meets your needs, interests, and expectations best.

Our tips are based on the experiences of students, best practices, and lessons learned. We hope this list helps you make a decision that paves the way for a great career.

1.   Career goals

You should be clear about your long-term career goals. All other criteria and considerations should work together towards those goals. It does not make sense to pick a university, however advanced and reasonably priced its courses are, if it does not advance them.

2.   Review

Take time to read the university reviews written by other students. Modern universities function like businesses, and they make every effort to attract students. So, what you read on their flashy websites might be different from the students’ or graduates’ real-life experiences.

3.   Location

You should narrow down your search depending on where you plan to study. If you want to find a local university, you might not have as many options as you would if searching globally. If you are ready to go abroad, you should consider the implications for costs, your ability to adjust to another culture, language, and scholarship opportunities.

4.   Tuition and other fees

High tuition fees as well as travel, accommodation, and living expenses might limit your opportunities. Set your budget limits, and look out for any hidden costs.

You should also remember that there are websites to help write essays for free. You can use them for your essays or term papers. They are also a great resource for exam preparations.

5.   Scholarship and financial aid

These are critically important factors. Actively seek scholarship and financial aid options. Research the opportunities offered by universities themselves, national governments, or private funds.

6.   Placement rate

The design world is a highly competitive field. Find out the placement rate for the university under consideration. Some have close links with potential employers.

7.   Facilities and resources

Go for a university that has modern facilities and equipment. In today’s fast-changing and technology-driven world, you don’t want to be using the resources and technology that will soon become obsolete.

8.   Tutors and courses

Learn as much as you can about tutors. Don’t hesitate to Google lecturers to find out more. A bit of background check will never hurt. Check out other students’ reviews too.

In the same vein, do your due diligence to learn as much about the design courses for students as possible. Every detail matters. Review the course structure, credit hours, exams, and other relevant information.

9.   Graduate support

The leading universities have advanced graduate support schemes. They take care of their students when they become alumni too. See what kind of alumni programs are available.

10. Environment

Finally, none of the above makes sense if you have to study in a hostile environment. Look for universities that nurture diversity and accommodate the differing needs of their students.

Final Remarks On How To Choose A Design University

If you have decided to build a career in the design industry, you must be ready for a lengthy and labor-intensive learning process. Carry out a careful review of the best universities and their courses and pick one that best meets your needs as early as possible.

The best universities want to attract the best students. On your part, you should also make every effort to choose the best one too.


Caitlin Ganz is a seasoned graphic designer and blogger with years of experience in the trade. Her articles and reviews are particularly popular among college students, parents, and tutors. Caitlin has been reviewing graphic design programs and courses for over a decade.

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