The Straightforward Guide to Fixing Broken Sunglasses
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The Straightforward Guide to Fixing Broken Sunglasses

If you have a pair of sunglasses you really love and they have been damaged, fear not! There are various ways to fixing broken sunglasses so you do not need to replace them with a whole new pair. We will cover replacing your sunglasses lenses, as well as straightening a bent frame and re-attaching detached temples. Finally, once you have your repaired glasses looking brand new, we will look at how to style your sunglasses for the best effects. Let’s dive into our top tips for fixing broken sunglasses so you can be the most fashionable person on the block again!

Replacing the Lenses

Potentially the most common issue people have with sunglasses is that the lenses get scratched, smudged, scraped, or cracked. In that instance, you might not want to part with your frames, but you will need to get yourself a brand-new pair of lenses. You can choose from a range of awesome lenses online. Just make sure the lenses are the right type for your frames.

Choose lenses with different features, colors, and characteristics and you can style your glasses exactly how you want them. If you click here, you will be able to browse the available options. Replacement lenses give your frames a whole new lease of life. With a trendy new pair of high-quality lenses, your glasses can be made to look even better than they did before.

Straightening the Frame

If your frames get bent or you find that they slide down your face, you can gently bend them back into shape to better suit your needs. To make the plastic or metal malleable, you can carefully use a hair dryer to warm it up, allowing you to bend it to the desired shape. This will help you not only straighten the frame but also adjust the temple arms to make the frames fit your face better.

You might not have thought that you could bend a plastic frame, but with the careful use of a hair dryer, you can do so. Just be careful not to melt the plastic too much with the hairdryer as you could warp or burn the glasses.

Re-Attaching the Temples

Another common problem with sunglasses is that the temple arms get caught in clothing or attached to something in your bag and become detached. This is an issue that can make sunglasses owners think they need to buy a brand new pair, as it seems unlikely that the temple arms can be re-attached – but sometimes they can! 

As long as the hinge on your frame is still in place, you will be able to reattach the temple arms yourself. If not, you may need to take your glasses to an optician to attach a new hinge. That being said, if your frame is snapped clean off from the temples then you may need a new frame. 

How to Style Your Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are part of your overall look so make sure they add to your outfit by bringing out the other accessories and pulling the whole look together. If you are wearing dramatic earrings and hair accessories, perhaps a more subtle pair of sunglasses will be best. If you are going for a minimal look, you can offset it with a bold pair of sunglasses.

You could even buy lenses in multiple colors to go with different outfits or compliment different seasons; blues and purples for winter and browns and yellows for summer.

Remember that if you are struggling to style your sunglasses, it could be that they are the wrong shape for your face shape. Round glasses on a round face shape, for instance, might not be the best fit! Meanwhile, a trendy cat-eye frame will be very flattering. 

In a similar vein, you can try to match the lens color and frames to your skin tone. If you have warmer tones in your skin, a warmer shade of frame and lenses will suit you better than cooler tones.

This has been a quick guide to fixing broken sunglasses. We have discussed replacement lenses for your sunglasses, straightening a bent frame, and re-attaching temples. All of these top tips will save you money on a new pair of sunglasses and ensure that you can keep your favorite pair of sunglasses for a bit longer! As well as these useful tips, we have provided some advice for styling your sunglasses for your outfits, the season, and your face shape. Refer to this guide whenever your sunglasses get damaged or if you are not sure how to style your sunglasses with your outfit.

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