Getting The Maximum Compensation - 6 Ways That Guarantee Your Insurance Claim
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Getting The Maximum Compensation – 6 Ways That Guarantee Your Insurance Claim 

It is not an easy process to expedite your insurance claim, especially when it concerns your property. These claims can be very large and therefore the insurance company is going to try with all its might to avoid paying for your damages at all. Regardless of what you might have gone through, this is the harsh reality. And it continues to grow further. If you are looking for a comprehensive insurance plan that covers natural disasters as well, you might have to pay at least 30% or 40% more than what you did just two or three years ago.

But even in the middle of all this chaos and the rising insurance expenses, it is possible to expedite your insurance claim and get the maximum compensation for your damages. Let’s find out how:

Know Your Policy Like The Back Of Your Hand

The first thing to do is understand what your policy covers. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company that you have put your faith in to compensate you for the damages that you might suffer due to any natural calamities. You should know what is covered and what is excluded. You should also be aware of the deductibles because that is a very critical part.

Keep A Record Of All Your Correspondence

You must keep a complete and unaltered record of all your correspondence. Whatever messages have been exchanged between you and the insurance company should be recorded. Keep copies and records of all the communication and write down critical information in your diary as frequently as you can. Include the date, important names, contacts, and also a few details of the person that you may have spoken with regarding your insurance claims.

Do Not Rush Into A Settlement

This is another very crucial point that a lot of homeowners tend to ignore. It is never a good idea to rush for the first offer. It is especially advised in case of natural calamities/disasters. You should never accept the first figure that comes your way before you get in touch with a hurricane insurance claims lawyer and have had a detailed discussion with him. Usually, the first offer made by an insurance company does not meet your real-life expectations. You might think that the offer is going to cover all the damages but in reality, it does not turn out to be a fair settlement. If you don’t know what a fair settlement is, you should seek professional assistance or advice right away.

Remember To Ask Pertinent Questions

It is never too late to ask questions. If you feel any kind of disagreement or probably if you feel a doubt creeping up in your mind, it is better to get it clarified without any delay. Find out if the insurance company has interpreted your policy any differently than you have. This agreement should never result in a claim denial because if that happens, you are going to have some serious problems ahead. It is always better to obtain a written letter explaining what the policy says and also in the event of a claim denial what the reason is for the denial in the first place.

Always Come Clean

The best thing that you can do to expedite your insurance claim regardless of what policy you may have taken out, is to come clean. You will have to provide complete and correct information to the insurance company regarding all your damages, losses, and the particular situation in which the damage occurred. This honesty is what speeds up your insurance claim and it also helps your lawyer to build a stronger case for you in case of an insurance claim denial by the company.

File Away As Soon As Possible

Experts also say that you should file a claim as soon as possible. It is not a good idea to let your bills and receipts pile up. You should call on the company’s claims hotline the moment you are certain that you have suffered a loss or damage due to the factors that are covered under your insurance policy. Also, some insurance plans require you to convey your damage immediately or within a certain time window to be able to claim compensation for the same.


These tips are going to help you to get the maximum amount of compensation for your damages. Remember to be honest and completely transparent when it comes to claiming damages. The rest, you can leave to your hurricane insurance claims attorney.

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