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Home Design Tips And Hacks: How To Have Good Internet Throughout The House

Good internet connection is just as important to your family, friends and you as electricity or running water. Without it, nobody can do their work properly or even enjoy themselves with online games or movies. If you’ve been spending a lot of time and money on getting that good internet connection, but still have problems with it being slow to download or load stuff, this article is just for you. Here are home design hacks to get the best internet connection.

Home Design Hacks – Hire Professionals For A Home Wi-Fi Installation

Before you start working on your internet, it may be a good idea to hire a professional for a home Wi-Fi installation. The professionals can easily get your wireless network going and make sure you have the best router possible; click here for your options on getting a solid network infrastructure and outstanding Wi-Fi. Here are tips for choosing the right professionals:

  • Ask friends and family for their suggestions
  • Find some recommended providers on the web
  • Check customer reviews and ratings
  • Call or go to them so you can personally ask questions and check the place yourself

Use Ethernet Wires For Faster Internet Connection

If you’re trying to set up home theatre systems throughout your house, then using Ethernet cables is just what you need. These cables are specifically made to provide the fastest possible internet connection, ideal for those who want their videos and movies from streaming services like Netflix or Hulu to come through as fast as possible.

Many people do not realize that the Ethernet cables can also be used for other appliances aside from home theatre systems. You can use them with laptops, desktop computers, video game consoles, and even your TV if you have a built-in WiFi adapter. If it’s time to buy new gadgets anyway, getting extra Ethernet cables won’t hurt a bit! It would be a good idea to keep these wires organized where they cannot easily be seen by others or tripped over though.

Setup Repeaters And Extenders To Make Your Coverage Area Bigger

Do not forget that your router’s range is not the same as its coverage area. You can never be too sure of where exactly you can use your internet connection, which is why it would be a good idea to get repeaters or extenders. These devices are designed to pick up your wireless signal and then transmit it throughout the house. They are extremely useful for eliminating black spots in certain corners inside your home where there is no strong internet connection. Just make sure that you read up on how these devices work before buying them.

Use Multiple Routers For One Account

If you’re having problems with slow internet, get one of those routers that connect wirelessly and create their own networks. While they aren’t very efficient if you live alone or use only one computer, if you have multiple computers or consoles that need high-speed internet in every room, this is the way to go. Just remember that in order to work properly, each router has to be connected to the one before it.

Place The Router Higher Up On Your Wall

Having the router on the ground may not be a good idea since it’s too close to obstructions like cabinets and other items that can mess with its signal. Try placing it as high up as possible, or at least within three feet off of the ground. If you want an extra boost to your signal, try putting your router in a wall mount instead.

Test Your Internet Speed Frequently

Most people forget about this step so they keep having these problems for months or years before calling anyone. You should test your internet speed every now and then by downloading files, streaming video/music, and browsing online to see if there are any slowdowns whatsoever. This is also a great way to check if your ISP is what they advertise

Be Careful About What Other Devices You Connect

Many people connect their phones and other gadgets like tablets and iPods to their home network without giving it a second thought, but if they’re carrying heavy data loads (streaming movies or downloading several files at once) they can slow your router down. If you want the best performance, make sure that these devices are not connected to your home network when you need to do something big like downloading a large file or streaming movies.

Home design Hacks -Disable The “Allow Transmit In Background” Option

If the people in your household do a lot of data-heavy tasks online (streaming HD videos and such), then it’s a good idea to disable this option since it will only cause interruptions and slowdowns for everyone. It is located under Advanced Wireless Settings inside your router’s control panel, so just uncheck the box next to it before saving any changes.


Hire professionals for wifi installation, get more Ethernet cables, place the router high up on the wall, test your internet speed frequently, avoid connecting too many devices to your home network and disable the “Allow Transmit In Background” option.

Photo by Praveen kumar Mathivanan on Unsplash

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