Foundation Issues - Identify The Signs To Avoid Costly Repairs
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Foundation Issues – Identify The Signs To Avoid Costly Repairs

Foundation problems can be pretty expensive – the ones you can’t afford to ignore. If left untreated, these can lead to home damage and pave a path for costly repairs. But, you can prevent damage from shifting foundation issues by catching the problem early. So it’s time to put your mind at ease. Here are some early warning signs to aid you to spot an unsure home foundation. Knowing these, you can prevent a problem from turning into a significant catastrophe. Let’s begin to discover some of the foundation issues!

Musty Basement Smells

The musty smells in the basement crawl spaces and corners can prove dangerous for your foundation. Usually, leaking basement walls can be the reason behind these. The issue may arise because of seeping moisture through cracks or plumbing-related troubles. One of the major culprits for basement-related foundation problems is a blockage in the gutters. Thus, ensure clearing your drains. The foundation repair experts recommend going in for a little redirection if the problem persists. To prevent these problems, consider installing gutter guards to ensure proper drainage and redirect any potential water issues. If you’re located in Colorado, this company installs Gutter Guards in Denver, where a team of professionals can provide reliable installation services and help you maintain a clean, functioning gutter system. By installing gutter guards, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected from potential basement foundation issues caused by clogged gutters.

Flooring Cracks

Poured concrete, tile floor covering, vinyl cracks state the early signs of foundation issues. The vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles can break by dropping things on them. Yet, when something like this happens, the damage doesn’t limit to one tile.

Start by checking the cracks in the foundation itself. Take a walk on the insides and outsides of the property. If you see a straight-ish gap that either runs wall-to-wall or across the tiles- there might be a problem with your foundation. Thus, consider a foundation repair if you notice cracks or fractures. Some other issues can be gaps, moisture, or flaking concrete.

Wall Rotations

The building’s weight pushes down the foundation with water saturation into the soil—the outside edge of the same sinks deep into the ground. The dry, inside edge of the foundation seems to pull up. The problem is known as wall rotation, and experts consider this a severe pain in the eye.

Slab Foundation Cracks

The cracks in the slab foundation can work in disrupting the building’s structure. Costly repairs won’t come as a surprise in case of late detection. Know that the slab cracks are difficult to identify in the finished space. Repair experts say so because the flooring covers these. Concrete slab cracks are visible in case of uneven surfaces and broken flooring.

Some common causes of slab foundation cracks owe to poor construction and improper curing of concrete. Natural foundation settling, the encroachment of tree roots, and weathering are few other causes of damages.

Stair-step Cracks

You are most likely to witness cracks in bricks and other masonry types during foundation sinks. These cracks mostly run through mortar and bricks between them. Sometimes, these cracks affect only batteries. These are the stair-step cracks.

Tips to Prevent your Home Foundation Repairs

You know that your foundation needs repairing- all thanks to the visible signs you just went through. However, if you feel that these cracks are minute and you can handle these on your own without inviting costly repairs, then you’re right. You can take some steps to protect the foundation on your own. These are:

– Pay attention to the Gutters:

One of the most critical yet straightforward tools for protecting your foundation is paying keen attention to your gutters. Ensure your gutters divert water away from the foundation, which must be preferably 10 feet. Check if your channels are clear. It is because the overflowing gutters send water straight down the foundation line, thereby damaging them.

– Embed your Foundation:

Do you want your soil to retain its moisture content, especially during the dry months? Well, keeping a proper amount of compacted soil can work wonders in doing so. The best practice lies in embedding your foundation up to 2 inches from the foundation slab top. Also, ensure using mulch to help the soil in retaining its moisture.

– Properly Grade your Yard:

Proper grading ensures that the water doesn’t reach your foundation walls and house base. If your soil starts moving towards the slope, water can easily pool against the base of your house. Do you see this happening? Well, the golden rule lies in grading your terrain about 6-10 feet with soil. You can also consider adding fill dirt to build up the slope.

– Take Note of Cracks:

Another potential yet the most visible sign of your foundation problems are the cracks. Take time to inspect your foundation and your interior walls and look for damages, if any. There is always a possibility of repairing these cracks to eliminate the scope for water seepage. You can fix these cracks either by using a crack repair or talk to a foundation repair expert. A reputed person will evaluate the cracks and check if these indicate a bigger problem. The sooner you get in touch with the expert, the better it will be for your pocket!

– Ascertain your Structure is on a Proper Slope:

The professionals are all pro for this tip for your foundation maintenance. If you’re in Texas, ensure proper grading to enable water from draining away from your foundation. You can consider installing a moisture barrier, which has a depth of 5′ around your property.

– Address your Problems Quickly:

You’ll want to fix the foundation issues on your own to save the hefty repair costs. But, do you think you’ll be able to fix these? Well, I’m afraid because delaying repairs can only make the problem worse and more expensive. Leaks can become cracks, and cracks can lead to a complete foundation breakdown. Thus, it becomes vital to fix these issues before they require five-figure renovations. Never underestimate the power of the water pressure against your home since water will win in any case.

Reconstruct the Foundation Cracks’ Future

Above all, keep a keen eye on the cracks of your floors and walls. The professionals recommend noticing the length of your window and door frames. See if they’re growing in size. If you see new cracks appearing, consider a home inspection right away for starving off costly damages.

Ensure protecting the integrity of your foundation since there’s no time to waste. And, why not? You deserve the peace of mind of having protection from damages so that you can welcome spring with open arms.

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