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Electric Vehicles – Interesting Facts To Know

As a part of the latest technology, there is a lot to learn and explore about electric vehicles. From what they contribute to the environment to how they work in real life, many questions revolve around everyone’s mind.

Such is the mania of electric vehicles in the global automotive industry that its sales are accelerating even in the pandemic and post-pandemic times. It may interest you to know that the global electric vehicle sales rose to 40% between 2019 to 2020. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the growing availability of different models and easily-affordable electric vehicles entering the marketplace.

Another factor that raised the demands of electric vehicles in the market was Tesla’s historic move in the stock market. Tesla’s unbelievable success growth in the stock market is followed by the rising fuel costs worldwide.

Besides the 19 E.V.s already available in the marketplace from giant auto manufacturers like – Nissan, Tesla, Porsche, Kia, and many more, 18 models of E.V. are expected to be launched in the global automotive market at the end of 2021. With this, the experts expect to see more than 30 models to be released in the forthcoming years no later. As of now, the U.K. seems to be in love with electric cars the most. As a result, we see many E.V.s stealing everyone’s eyes on the streets.

This revolutionary mania of E.V.s in the automotive industry is considered the most significant move to take it to the next level. The fostering technology of alternative-energy vehicles is in the limelight, fading away all magnificent car models. And why not when the automotive experts have turned our imaginations into reality forever. Above all, there are a lot of factors extending the functionality potential of these fantastic cars. One of the most prominent examples is the iconic EV Charging Station Installers in Kent and other prime locations in the U.K. This invention has simplified and facilitated the E.V. owners with everything they could wish for.

Quick facts about E.V.s to know for sure

If you are one of those E.V. enthusiasts who couldn’t get the insights into this amazing auto-machine, then you have come to the right spot. Surf through everything you can wish to know about E.V.s now –

Electric vehicles are not a passing bandwagon for sure. It’s here to stay for decades. One of the most significant signs is expanding customer growth and gradually dropping prices, making them everyone’s favorite for sure. Recently, Consumer Reports found more than 71% of U.S. drivers are interested in considering an E.V. as their next vehicle.

Before you make up your mind for this exceptional vehicle type, here’s all you need to learn about it –

Fact no. 1 – Electric vehicles aren’t a new concept at all

No wonder electric vehicles are the promising future of the automotive industry, but it isn’t a new concept. It may interest you that the first-ever electric car was built in 1884 by an English inventor named Thomas Parker. Parker was highly recognized for introducing a series of intuitive technologies in the United Kingdom. One of the biggest examples is the electrification of the London underground (widely known as electric tramways constructed in some of the most reputed cities of the U.K.). After this, by the end of 1879, a complete fleet of electric taxis was also launched in London streets.

Fact no. 2 – Nissan’s LEAF is the most popular E.V. ever

You may have seen Tesla making highlights in the E.V. world, but when talking about the most popular E.V. ever made, research suggests no one can beat the charm of Nissan’s LEAF. This vehicle was launched in 2010, and in no time, more than 400,000 cars were sold. Talking about its next-generation, more than 100% of electric cars continue to make statements. As of now, the drivers of Nissan LEAF have driven over 10 billion kilometers.

Fact no. 3 – It’s not silent

You may have a legit thought that expensive and advanced cars are silent. But that’s not the case with electric cars for sure. It takes away the silence of roads when driven at a swirling speed. And what is the point of driving an electric car when you fail to steal everyone’s attention on the road? However, after an E.U. rule launched in July 2019, all E.V. cars are required to emit an artificial noise so cyclists and pedestrians can hear them on the road. Reports suggest that the noise kicks in at a speed of 13mph or below. Thankfully, the noise is designed to be on the exterior part of the vehicle; otherwise, it would have made it difficult for the driver to sit patiently and enjoy driving.

Fact no. 4 – Tesla has introduced a new feature

Recently, Tesla launched a new feature in electric vehicles called ‘Dog Mode.’ This is made for drivers with pets driving in their cars all the time. The feature lets you use the Overheat Cabin Protection function to keep the car at a moderate temperature. Here, it displays a large message on the car touchscreen panel. This informs every passer-by to know that everything is well inside the car.

Fact no. 5 – There are electric car charging stations than petrol stations

As of May 2019, the total number of electric charging stations is more than the overall number of petrol stations in the United Kingdom. A report from Zap-Map shows that there are more than 8,471 charging station installers. On the other hand, there are 8400 petrol stations. Moreover, the total number of petrol stations is decreasing with time. With this, the local researchers see the E.V. charging stations are getting accessed the most as compared to the traditional petrol pumps.

The final word

Electric vehicles are made to give you a lifetime experience. There is everything good about this auto-machine making you believe in dreams, from the exceptional features to the swirling speed it promises. All you need is to believe in its potential and give it a try at least once!

Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

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