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DIY Projects with the Highest ROI

Do-it-yourself projects range from the simple to the complex. Even children can paint flowers and attach decals to furniture to decorate it according to their tastes, while the dedicated DIY enthusiast may tackle floor replacements that are generally done by trained professionals. The speed and success of the project depends on the skills and experience of the do-it-yourselfer. However, not all projects are the same. Let’s look at the DIY projects with the highest return on the investment ROI.

Return on investment – DIY projects with a high ROI

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Replace Door Hardware

The return on investment or ROI for a home renovation depends on the cost in terms of time and money as well as the final value it brings to the home. Replacing a worn front door or garage door has a nearly 100 percent ROI. If the door has been damaged or broken in, the return on the investment is over a hundred percent, because the unsafe appearance of the door will hurt the value of your home.

You don’t always have to replace the entire door, though that’s necessary if it has been broken in or is otherwise structurally damaged. In other cases, you may be able to upgrade the door by installing stylish door furniture. Replace that rusted door handle or hard to open door knob with a sleek, modern door hardware.

Adding additional latches or tamper-proof locks may make your home more appealing in an unsafe neighborhood.

Replace Your Kitchen Hardware

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Don’t rip out the kitchen cabinets when resurfacing the cabinetry may be enough to revive it. Don’t rip off the cabinet doors to repaint or refinish them if the room could be livened up by replacing the cabinet and drawer hardware. For example, you could try tightening the loose cabinet handles.

The next step is replacing the worn brass handles with sleek modern ones. While you’re at it, consider replacing the existing faucets. It will change the look of the entire sink area for a fraction of the cost of a new sink. For example, light bronze handles may make the rich wood grain seem lighter without having to stain it.

If little upgrades like this aren’t enough, then you can seriously consider the more expensive kitchen remodeling options like new floors, appliances and cabinets. But it is the minor kitchen remodels that have the highest ROI at more than 80 percent.

The only exception is if you are living in a home with a thirty year old kitchen with the appliances to match. Updating the kitchen to include a suite of modern appliances has a hundred percent or better ROI because that is considered a necessity by so many home buyers.

Replace Your Home’s Siding or Veneer

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Does your home have wood or vinyl siding? Is it dented or worn? Cleaning it is as good for your home as repainting a house with chipped and fading paint. Painting the siding might be appropriate, too, if the color is faded. However, replacing the siding is necessary if the material is deteriorating or visibly damaged.

In these cases, the ROI is around 75 percent. It dramatically improves the curb appeal of your home. The ROI may be higher if the new siding or cladding material has a higher insulation value than what you’ve replaced.

Fix the Broken Things

tilles replacement diy project


It is interesting how many people assume that the solution is replacing everything without ever considering repairing the broken things around their home. Try re-caulking the shower after clearing out the mold before you decide to re-tile the shower. Replace those broken tiles or deep cleaning your carpets before you solve the problem by replacing the whole floor.

Trim back the bushes and clean up the yard before you decide to rip it all out and put in a brand new garden.

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