Deepen Your Meditation Practice With These 4 Tips
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Deepen Your Meditation Practice With These 4 Tips

If you’ve been meditating for a few months now, you must have gone through times when you feel stuck and wonder if your practice is going any further. This is a common complaint people report when they begin their meditation practice. Inevitably, at some point, we all expect that something profound shall happen during our practice, and we try hard to make it happen. But the truth is meditation is a skill that needs consistent practice. Here are four ways how you can deepen your focus while meditating. Read on.

Calm Your Breath and Body

To go into the deep zone of meditation, you first need to calm your breath and body. Since our mind, body, and breath are interconnected, it is believed that calming the breath will automatically induce a response that calms the mental chatter. When you concentrate all your attention on your breath, it helps synchronize your body and brain and brings you into a mode of present-moment sensing. This further help reduces your stress level and makes you feel good.

Add Marijuana for Increased Focus 

Studies have revealed that taking marijuana before working out, doing yoga, or even before meditating can amplify the effects of your practice. In fact, many people in America and Canada take cannabis for body relaxation, increased productivity, and focus. People prefer taking cannabis products like edibles, vape, flowers, and oils as they offer quality products. If you wish to take marijuana to enhance the effects of meditation, just make sure to go slow with the dosage. Excessive consumption can make you overwhelmed, especially if you’re a beginner.

Accept Distractions and Restart

If you meditate and worry about being distracted after every few minutes, you’re not alone. This is quite common, and there’s no need to feel bad about getting distracted by your thoughts. Many people get disappointed by this pattern and quit meditating at all. But that’s not how you master the skill. All you need to do is just keep calm, observe your thoughts, and let them come and go. The moment you get stuck with your thoughts, remind yourself to focus on your breathing and get back to your flow. Follow this approach every time distractions come your way.

Consistency Is the Key

Last but not least, to deepen your meditation practice, you need to be consistent. You can’t meditate for a week and expect yourself to be fully submerged in a deep relaxing zone. People spend years mastering the skill. Moreover, many people have this misconception that meditation means sitting with your eyes closed and uttering some mantras until you see the great white light. That’s just a part of meditation but is not limited to that only. There are different types of meditation. For instance, meditation could be as simple as observing your surroundings without being judgmental or interpreting anything. Simply put, it is about being mindful of what’s happening around you without jumping to any conclusions.

Final Thoughts

In meditation, sometimes, the best thing to enhance your practice is by experimenting with new techniques. Finding the right meditation technique for your brain makes a significant difference in having a focused and more profound practice.

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