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Benefits of Integrative Medicine

The concept of Integrative medicine is gaining widespread popularity as an effective and practical way of tackling the speedy growing healthcare crisis. This type of medicine is used to promote the combination of body, mind, and spirit, which helps retain the body’s natural equilibrium to achieve the goal of good health. It is considered a holistic approach where every phase has equal importance and believes in maintaining a good relationship between the doctor and patient. 2Dots integrative medicine provides various benefits of using integrative medicine while treating patients. 

Here are some benefits of Integrative Medicine:

A comprehensive approach to care

Integrative medicine is a comprehensive approach to care because it combines evidence-based conventional medicine with alternative medicine. When conventional medicine does not work much effectively, the doctors suggest alternative medications.

Treating a whole person not just a disease or condition

When treatment is given by integrated medication, then all the factors that can influence health: behavioral, biological, psychosocial, and environmental all are considered well as a whole. Treating a person as a whole is the approach towards following integrative medication. 

Setting up a foundation for the overall health of patients

It helps in building a foundation for overall improved health. The integrative medicine approach focuses on nutritional status, immunity, hormonal imbalance, and environmental toxins that may affect the patients’ health to a great extent. 

Prevent from future health issues before arising

This medicine can also be said as preventive medicine. It not only focuses on the current health issues but also considers the future issues in advance to neglect the adverse effect afterward. For gaining good health in the future, you need to know about your present health condition; that is why integrative medicine finds ways to address medical issues before they arise proactively. 

Applicable to both primary and specialty care

The integrative medical approach is applicable and well-practiced in primary and specialty care. Whether it is psychiatry, gastroenterology, or pain management, it is an effective way to treat these health issues. It has given effective and considerable results in both primary and specialty care. So now, the demand for this approach is growing to get effective results. 


Integrative approaches are considered as much more cost-effective than conventional medicine. Most practitioners rely on integrative medicine for the treatment, which has led to an increase in its demand and turned it more cost-effective. As integrative medicine is a combined way of treating the patient with conventional and alternative medicine, it has reduced the burden of high cost incurring patients from taking treatments. 

A closer relationship between the doctors and the patients

It fosters a new integrative approach that deeper relationships can be maintained between the doctors and the patients. That helps them assist both evaluation and diagnosis in providing a more holistic view of the person’s health status. Patients also start to feel good after getting adequate care and emotional support from conventional and alternative therapies. 

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