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A True Guide on Hip Fractures

Injuries are always on the cards, and you never know when it would occur and how serious it would be. We all are prone to get injured and there could be multiple reasons for that but, it won’t be wrong to say that elderlies are at higher risk.

As we grow old, our bones start to become weaker, and this is a natural process as bone deterioration becomes faster with age. Thus, our body starts to lose bone mineral density. Due to weak bones, elderlies are prone to fall as well, and this is one of the commonest reasons for fracture in them. In elderlies, fractures could be serious enough to require surgery involving trauma implants.

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In this post, we will discuss one of the common fractures that are seen in elderlies. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, we are talking about hip fractures.

Hip Fracture – An Overview

Hip fracture is a serious condition that could also be life-threatening. This is where the upper part of the thigh breaks and the chances of such a situation increases with age. A break in the upper femur is commonly seen either due to a fall or automobile accident. People suffering from osteoporosis are highly prone to hip fractures even with a slight fall.

If the treatment of this condition is delayed, the situation could become worse. In most cases, immediate surgery is required for the treatment of hip fractures, and sometimes, total hip replacement may also be on the cards.


Severe pain at the time of fracture is a common symptom seen in hip fractures. Besides this, when the injury occurs, the person won’t be able to stand, or even if he/she does, it will be very difficult. The affected person also won’t be able to put weight on the side of the injured hip.

Other commonly seen symptoms will include bruising and/or swelling around the hip plus, a shorter leg on the injured hip’s side or outward turning of the leg.


If we talk about traumatic causes, then car accidents are known to often result in hip fractures. Besides this, falls are among the commonest causes of hip fractures in the elderly. When it comes to non-traumatic causes, then osteoporosis is a condition that suddenly increases the chances of hip fractures, and that is generally seen in people above 55 years of age.


Painful symptoms and abnormal positioning of the leg and hip are the common signs that the healthcare service provider notices to diagnose hip fractures. An x-ray examination is also performed to confirm the break and its location. It is critical in providing a feasible treatment.

In certain cases where an x-ray fails to provide a conclusive report, MRI may also be done.


Surgery is the common treatment method for hip fractures, and the type of surgery required will depend upon the severity, type, and exact location of the fracture. Some of the common treatment methods include:

Internal repair using orthopedic implants like screws and plates that will hold the broken parts of the femur together while they heal.

Severe cases often require total hip replacement where the upper femur and the socket are replaced with prostheses. This type of surgery is known to be cost-effective and offers long-term and effective outcomes.

In certain cases, partial hip replacement may also treat the condition where the damaged head and neck of the femur is removed by the surgeon and places a metal-made artificial one instead. This method is often recommended in people with other health conditions or underlying cognitive problems.

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