A Simple Way to Find A Right Size Bunk Bed for Adults
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A Simple Way to Find A Right Size Bunk Bed for Adults

Buying a bunk bed becomes easier when you know what exactly you want. There are many different bunk bed models available in market. Some bunk beds are designed for kids only, while others are designed for teens and adults. In order to get an ideal bunk bed for adults, you need to consider the required space, expected weight capacity and some other points to make an effective purchase.

A Simple Way to Find A Right Size Bunk Bed for Adults

The adults are bigger and heavier than kids and that’s why the bunk bed brands have made some high quality bunk beds for adults. These bunk beds include full size bunk beds, queen size bunk beds and king size bunk beds as well. You may think how the full size, queen size and king size are different and we suggest you to continue reading to know more about it.

Need of Adult Bunk Beds

There are many families who have very limited space for beds in their homes. Most of them prefer a bunk bed for kids as it saves space and provides fun to the kids. However, you may also want to experience of sleeping in bunk beds to remember your school days. The best adult bunk beds can make it possible for you as they are larger in size and offer heavy weight capacity to hold the weight of adults.

Size Options for Adult Bunk Beds

We all know that the primary purpose of every bunk bed is to save the floor space of a room. When you are looking for a bunk bed for kids, you can pick a twin over twin bunk bed or a twin over full bunk bed that is a great space saver bed. However, the twin bunk beds are not for adults and the beds are too small for adults and they don’t have enough weight limit required for adults.

Therefore the teenagers and adults need larger size bunk beds for sleeping comfortably. You can choose either a full over full bunk bed or a queen or queen bunk bed or a king over king bunk bed for your home. All these bunk beds are designed for teens and adult sleepers, so you can remain worry-free when you have a full/queen or a king size bunk bed in your bedroom/guest room.

  1. Full Size Bunk Beds
  2. Queen Size Bunk Beds
  3. King Size Bunk Beds

#1. Full Size Bunk Beds:

A full size bunk bed contains two full size beds i.e. a full size bed on top and a full size bed at bottom. It is 82-inch long and 61-inch wide, so you should have required floor space for its installation and use. The full size bunk bed is approximately 65-inch tall which makes it clear that you should have at least 8-FT (96-inch) high ceiling to use it comfortably in your room. The full size bunk beds provide 300 lbs to 450 lbs weight limit per bunk, you must check the maximum weight limit at the time of buying a full over full bunk bed for yourself.

#2. Queen Size Bunk Beds:

The queen size bunk beds are larger than full size bunk beds. It is 83-inch long and 63-inch wide with around 65-inch height. You need a little more floor space for the queen over queen bunk bed than a full size bunk bed. The queen size bunk beds offer a higher weight limit than full size bunk beds and that makes it ideal for heavy weighted adults. The queen size bunk bed offers up to 1100 lbs weight limit at its maximum capacity.

#3. King Size Bunk Beds:

The king size bunk beds are larger than the full size and queen size bunk beds. The king over king bunk bed is 88-inch long and 77-inch wide, its height may vary from 51.5-inch to 65-inch. The king size bunk beds are designed for heavy weighted teenagers and adults who can’t sleep comfortably in full size bunk beds or they exceed the weight limit.

The heavy weighted people need a king size bunk bed with higher weight limit. The king size bunk beds provide up to 2000 lbs weight limit and that is why we recommend it for heavy adults. The king size bunk beds are sturdier, heavier and more durable than twin/full size bunk beds. The higher weight limit makes the king size bunk beds safe for adults.

Important: Measure Your Room Size

You should check the space available for a bunk bed before you decide to buy a bunk bed for your family. Because you are looking for a right size bunk bed for adults which should also fit in the room you wish to install it. So, you should take a measuring tape and check how much floor space do you have for the new bunk bed. Thereafter you should choose the full or queen or king size bunk bed that can fit perfectly concerned room of your house.


The adults can also sleep in a bunk bed if you have the right size bunk bed with necessary weight limit. We have explained all 3 bunk bed sizes to help you understand and get clarity to select a full/queen or king size bunk bed for adults and teenagers of your family.

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