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8 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

A lot of people strive to make their home appear more sophisticated and put together. But how to achieve the desired look without spending a lot of money on luxury items and hiring a professional designer? In this article, we will talk about the simple tips that can help you make your home look more expensive all by yourself!

Introduce Symmetry

Symmetry is an important element in a good interior design. Did you know that there is more than one type of symmetry? For example, here are some of the symmetries which can be applied to your design:

  1. The type of symmetry when objects are placed in a way that they mirror each other is called reflection.
  2. When items form a circle around a common centerpiece, such symmetry is called rotational.
  3. Translational symmetry is when objects are repeated, making the whole composition create a wider, taller or broader effect (often used in patterns).

You can try out different types of layout in home design software. Such apps allow you to plan your room in both 2D and 3D, add custom materials and furniture, adjust light sources and more. Having a professional service to track your progress will also enable you to try out more symmetrical patterns that you can introduce into your living space.

Get Bigger Furniture

Large furniture items are common in luxurious homes as they tend to offer a lot of space. However, such furniture pieces are quite costly. But there is a solution. Combine two small items together, for instance, by putting two small coffee tables or two cupboards together. Furthermore, another way to make your space look more expensive is by adding oversized artwork, big candles with your favorite scent, or by bringing in plants (for example, lage cacti) inside your home.

Enhance the Curtains

High ceilings and large windows are a common denominator in luxury homes. But how to achieve a similar effect in a room that is not that high? There’s a simple trick to help: hang the rod close to the ceiling above your window and choose curtains in a solid color that have no patterns, but drop down as close to the floor as possible. Steam the curtains to give them a neat look.

Upgrade Your Bed for a new home look

You can make your bedroom appear more sophisticated by a simple trick of layering the duvets and multiplying the throw pillows. You may not need more pillows and duvets for practical purposes, but getting extra ones can make your bed more lavish.

Another way to fancy up your bed is by using throw pillows. They are not expensive, but they can help add a luxury touch to your interior design: buy decorative pillows of various sizes and with different patterns to stack on your bedding or sofa, and see what it does for your entire room.

Hide the Wiring

Visible wiring tends to look messy. Hanging beneath the television screen or lying tangled on the floor, it diminishes the aesthetic qualities of your room more than you think. The solution to this problem is really simple—all you need is a special wire-covering case sold on Amazon or in household goods stores. You will notice how the design of your home becomes more sleek, once the wiring is covered.

Change the Packaging

If you want to make your house look more expensive, then one of the ways is to have the items in your home follow a similar style. A plenty of bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other bathroom/kitchen products in different colors and styles can look a little messy on your countertops and shelves. Repack and rejar them in stylish bottles containers will help your interior appear more organized and put together.

Make Sure There Are No Stains

Doing this again to elevate your home seems like cheating but it is really worth it. You do not have to buy another piece of furniture; just use stain markers or paint pens which will make them look brand new. Get rid of all those inadvertently missed “scars” on chairs, sofas, or any other elements in the interior design of your house. Eliminating any cracks and chips that you may find at home will definitely elevate the look of your home.

Choose Neutral Color Scheme

Though it seems minimalist, this advice will get you to your goal faster than anything else. Tones like gray, brown, white, and black are the primary colors for this kind of design aesthetic, but it is even better to overlap the “neutrality” by adding different hues and shades of the above-mentioned colors to your interior design. Add chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, taupe etc. to diversify your design palette.

Change your home look and add Coffee Table Decor

Coffee tables look empty and boring without decor, but don’t rush into impulsive purchases of meaningless coffee table books and basic IKEA decor. Add personality to your coffee table items by decorating it with the books you actually like to read or pieces of decor that reflect your interests or hobbies. Remember that an expensive-looking interior doesn’t mean a lack of character.

To Wrap Up your home look

Nevertheless, transforming your house into a more luxurious home does not necessarily imply spending a fortune. You just need to look at what you have again and find ways of upgrading it. With the help of home design apps you will get the feel of the intended interior design first before any adjustments are made. Doing this will help maximize available resources before starting any work on home upgrades or renovations.

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