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8 Must-Have Furniture Pieces If Your Home Is Pressed for Space

Furnishing a home can be quite exciting. It lets you make your space more comfortable with pieces that complement your personal taste and requirements. However, some challenges come with decorating a home, particularly if you live in one that has limited space. You need to carefully assess what furniture pieces to get to ensure they won’t take up a lot of space but still serve their purpose. Fortunately, there are many practical furniture pieces available today that you can choose from. Some of them serve multiple purposes, helping you save not only space but also money. At the same time, choosing pieces with a handsome design can also elevate the look of your home’s interior.  From living room to kitchen furniture, here are eight must-have pieces to get when your home is pressed for space.

Sofa Bed

Instead of a typical couch, consider getting a sofa bed for your space. It offers comfortable seating for you and your family, and  it can transform your living room into a place for your guests to sleep. Aside from locating the sofa bed in the living room, you can place it in other areas of your house, like your home office or your child’s room, where it can likewise perform a dual function.

Ottoman with Storage

In any home, storage is always important. That said, if your house is pressed for space, then storage tends to be even more precious. If this is the case for you, an ottoman that doubles as a concealed storage box is a great solution to keep any compact space clutter-free. It is a multipurpose furniture that can be used as additional seating, as a footrest, or as a space to keep games, magazines, and other items within reach.

Lift-Top Coffee Table

Another versatile piece you can add to your cozy home is a lift-top coffee table. Compared to typical coffee tables, this piece can be raised to different heights and has various uses. It can be a great centerpiece for your living room, can serve as a work desk, or even be used as a dining table. Also, a coffee table with drawers provides additional storage.

Headboard with Compartments

If you have a bedroom with limited space, getting a headboard with compartments is a great idea. You can use it instead of side tables to save space. You’ll have storage space to keep your reading materials, alarm clock, lamp, and phone without getting another furniture that occupies more floor space 

With the many designs available today, you can find a handsome headboard with compartments that will go well with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

Rolling Kitchen Countertop

A rolling kitchen countertop is a great addition if you don’t have a lot of prep space in your kitchen. You can use the top to prepare meals or to house your small appliances. Since this furniture comes with wheels, you can easily move it anywhere in your house wherever and whenever you might need it. For example, you can place it in the living room and let it be a mobile coffee or cocktail bar if you have guests.

When getting a rolling kitchen countertop, you have many different options. Some styles come with drawers, a wine rack, and maybe towel hooks on the side. Others come with an overhanging rack where you can hang pans, pots, and other essentials. You can also find options that can store stools underneath, which means the countertop can easily transform into a little breakfast bar.

Expandable Dining Table

Even if you have a small dining area, you can still invite friends and family over to have meals in your home. With an expandable dining table, you can comfortably host get-togethers for more than a few people.

This piece of compact furniture can be expanded to offer more dining space. Often, the piece will start as a square or half a circular table. Once you pull a mechanism and lock the other half in place, you can get a rectangular or full circular table ready to accommodate more guests. 

Over-the-Toilet Storage

The common issue with small bathrooms is the lack of storage space. If you have such a bathroom in your home, over-the-toilet storage is a great solution. It offers additional storage by providing two or three levels of shelf space, maximizing your bathroom’s vertical space. It also won’t get in the way of your bathroom fixtures because it can neatly be placed over the toilet’s water tank. Once the piece is installed, you’ll have somewhere to put all your toiletries and beauty essentials. 

Slim Shoe Cabinet

Having an entryway with a pile of shoes and slippers strewn all over isn’t a very welcoming way to come home. If you want to keep that space tidy, invest in a slim shoe cabinet. This piece can help store your shoes and still keep them easily accessible. The furniture is also a great solution for compact entryways as it takes advantage of the available vertical space. Additionally, you can place a catch-all bowl on top of the shoe cabinet so you have somewhere you can put your keys and other essential must-bring items.

When it comes to furnishing a small space, you need to be more selective of the furniture pieces you get. It’s better if they serve multiple purposes so you can make the best use of each space in your home while optimizing each furniture piece’s function. That said, before you go furniture shopping, remember to measure the area you’ll place the furniture in. Bring a tape measure so you can be certain that the piece you want to get will fit perfectly in your compact home. 

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