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5 Tips On Making Your Outside Space Year-Round Proof

Having an outdoor space can make a fabulous addition to anyone’s home, especially when the weather is just so perfect. But all good weather usually comes to an end and when it takes a turn spending time in your outside space can be less attractive…unless you make it year-round proof. 

Stick with us, because we’ve got five of the best tips to help you make your outside space year-round proof, so you can enjoy the great outdoors any time of the year. 

1. Add Some Cover 

The first way to ensure your outdoor space remains comfortable all year round is to ensure you’ve got enough coverage. It’s all good having a scenic patio, but it just takes a little rain to put a dampener on events. Stay covered and add a roof to your outdoor area. 

Fair Dinkum Builds offers a huge selection of outdoor structures to keep you covered and comfortable while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. Whether you want a fully enclosed area like a shed or something to create more ambience like a pergola, all their options are completely customisable so you can design your perfect outdoor living space. 

2. Light It Up

Don’t let the dark days stop your fun times outside. Just add some lighting to your outside space and that way you won’t ever have to party inside unless you want to. Adding sufficient lighting to your outdoor area enhances the aesthetic of your place, while also making it safer for you and your guests when the light begins to fade.

For those who have sheds, a great way to ensure you get the best natural light is just to add some windows. Every aspect of your shed when building with Fair Dinkum Builds is customisable, including adding some windows and lighting to give it as much light as possible. 

3. Add A Fire Feature

One way to maximise your time outside and enhance the atmosphere, especially during the colder seasons, is to add a fire feature. Whether it’s a fire pit, fire table, or a fireplace, adding in some type of fire feature is a great way to provide some extra warmth to the area. Just imagine those evenings when you can sit around a fire, your outdoor area lit by a romantic fire light, roasting some marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate…absolute heaven!

4. Choose Weather-Proof Furniture

It’s all good and well getting furniture that adds to the aesthetic of your outdoor area, but to make it last all year you need to ensure that it’s comfortable, durable, and weather-proof. 

The most suitable materials for your outdoor furniture include teak, powder-coated steel, and polyresin wicker which can withstand moisture and UV rays. One aspect you need to consider is getting weather-proof cushions, too. Although it’s generally best to bring your fabric items inside during storms and heavy rain, sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to lug around the patio furniture, so waterproof cushions are perfect for feeling comfortable regardless of the season and you won’t need to bring them in every day. 

5. Consider an Outdoor Cooking Area

For the entertainers who love to have people around to enjoy good food and good times, you should consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your property. From barbecues while watching some football to having themed-meal nights, or enjoying some hot chocolate on a cool winter evening, adding an outdoor kitchen will quickly make your outside space the place to be all year round. 

To make your outdoor dream kitchen a reality, it’s vital to invest in materials that can withstand the different elements and, if you’re near the sea, the salty coastal air. Wood, stainless steel, polymers, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are excellent materials to choose for your kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Go ahead and make the most of your outside space, because with these five tips, you’ll be sure to create the perfect outdoor environment that will keep you comfortable no matter the season.

Featured Photo by Nicola Dreyer on Unsplash

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