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5 Mattress Myths Debunked

Buying a new mattress is never easy because of the numerous options and considerations that have to be made. Several myths are revolving around how to identify the perfect mattress. If you’re looking for a guide to help you get the ideal mattress then here are a couple of untrue things that you need not forget.

  1. The firmest mattress is the best quality

Just because a mattress is firm does not mean it is of high quality. Any new mattress is a little firm until you get to sleep on it for a couple of months. The firmest of mattresses can get way too soft and even wear off faster with time. It’s also crucial to know that even a soft mattress can be of very high quality.

  1. High-quality mattress must be costly

Many people believe that to get a good quality mattress in Ottawa you have to be willing to spend a little bit more. What most people fail to understand is that there are so many mattress manufacturers who sell at different prices. If high-quality mattresses are what you’re looking for without spending much, then your research needs to be intense.

  1. Sitting on a mattress can help you make the right choice

If you ever thought that sitting on a mattress is one of the ways to measure its quality, then you are wrong. First of all, sitting and lying are two very different positions. If you intend to test a mattress then you would rather lie on it, toss and turn for a couple of minutes. However, a few minutes on a mattress still does not guarantee you a comfortable sleep for hours.

  1. You should replace your mattress after every 7-10 years

The right time to replace your mattress is when it is no longer comfortable for you. No one is certain when a mattress can get less comfortable because it all depends on the rate of wear and tear. It might be 7 or 10 years but your mattress is still in good condition may be because you don’t sleep on it all the time. On the other hand, you can be forced to replace your mattress after five years because you had people helping you to sleep on it. It all depends on how you are using your mattress.

  1. A good mattress reduces the number of toss and turns

From research, adults can turn up to 75 times when they sleep, and it is something natural. A mattress has nothing to do with how many times one has to turn when asleep. The reason why people turn when they sleep is to alleviate the discomfort that builds after staying in the same position for long. If the best mattress prevented tossing and turning then so many people in the world would lie in one position every time they go to sleep.


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