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5 Home Repair Projects You Should Not DIY

When it comes to simple home repair projects, we all rush to the internet for tutorials, roll up our sleeves and try to apply the simple tips we’ve learned in the hope of finding solutions. Successful repairs might help you save money and earn you some bragging rights, but not all home maintenance tips are worth trying on your own. As much as you might want to save some money, some work is better left in the hands of professionals. The following are a few home repair projects you should never DIY.

1.Broken windows

Many homeowners ignore the risks associated with repairing broken windows independently. Glass pieces can be dangerous even to the swiftest DIYers. You might also not be able to seal all the gaps between your windows and frames. This can trigger water leaks to your house. Always call a professional anytime you need to fix broken windows in your home. Experts have the right equipment and knowledge to repair or upgrade broken windows safely and perfectly.

2.Defective sink pipes

When your sink clogs, the pipes underneath are probably the culprits, and you might be duped to think that all you need is a bucket and some pressure to unblock the sink. Defective sinks need a careful approach. Dismantling pipes without a plan can cause flooding. Some sink pipes are also located near electrical connections, and you should contact your plumber if you are not certain of where the exact problem is to avoid the risk of electrocution.

3.Worn out roofs

Deciding to replace a few old shingles on your roof with new ones by yourself can turn out to be a big mess. You might expose your house to leaks that can damage your property. Fixing an old roof requires expertise. You need to locate the worn-out spot and fix it without extending damage to other parts of the house. Additionally, you have to identify matching materials and use the right tools for the task. This is a complex process that can only be completed by professionals.

4.Fixing new lights

Everything can go wrong when dealing with anything involving electricity. Choosing to install new lights on your own to save money or due to curiosity can be disastrous. You might forget to turn off the main switch, overload your power supply, or even make faulty wirings, and end up being electrocuted. In some circumstances, faulty wiring can cause sparks that can develop into a fire. To protect you and your property from the dangers of electricity, avoid any electrical DIY repair projects.

5.Faulty HVAC systems

HVAC systems might appear simple to fix but what you may not know is that this equipment relies on chemical refrigerants for proper functioning. Messing with them during repair can release toxic elements into the air. You also risk being electrocuted, since HVAC systems are powered by electricity.


There are many amazing DIY home upgrades you can try. However, avoid any repair project that might harm you or your home. Instead, seek the services of experts for these complex home improvement projects to enhance your safety.

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