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5 Fun And Creative Ways To Use Your Spiral Notebook

A notebook is like an uncharted universe. There is an infinite amount of ways you can use a notebook and depend on your needs. Notebooks aren’t meant only for studying. Notebooks are used in offices and for creative things too! Classmate 1 Subject Selfie Notebook is a high-quality spiral notebook that contains 180 long and wide pages that are perfect for all your art, planning and doodles! This notebook has a refreshing and artsy cover design that can inspire and bring out a positive feeling, while its pages are soft and white and easy to use. Classmate 1 Subject Selfie Notebook is expertly bound for ease in usage and is highly durable too.

If you are feeling particularly fun and creative and you have a Classmate spiral notebook around, here are some interesting ways you can use it!

1. Daily planner

A daily planner could be a timetable or a book that records your tasks for the day. You can get as creative and as detailed as possible with this. A daily planner is usually a record to inspire accountability and productivity. Most daily planners are visually appealing and have a clean layout. Personalising your daily planner and designing it to tailor your daily schedule will definitely be a fun activity!

Tip: Use your best pens and your favourite colours for this and you will want to keep going back to your planner again and again!

2. Habit/ Mood tracker

A tracker notebook is usually easier to fill but really fun to make. A habit tracker can include the various habits you are trying to add and remove from your life and you can record your progress every day! Mood trackers are similar and help you track your mood in a simpler and more visual way. Most habit trackers and mood trackers are adorably decorated and use cute graphs and lists. So, if you love tracking your habits and feelings, this is a good idea for you!

3. Journal

Keeping a journal is a great habit to have. It enhances our handwriting while also helps us pour our thoughts. Additionally, it also helps streamline our thoughts and improve our writing style. If you want to get into a habit of journal writing, you can easily use a Classmate spiral notebook for your journal!

4. Gratitude journal

A gratitude journal is a type of journal that is similar to a mood tracker, but this keeps track of the thing you’re grateful for. A gratitude journal is an exceptional book to have if you’re trying to have a more positive outlook towards life and want to express gratitude! These notebooks can be really cute looking if designed well! They can also work as shorter journals where you can record all the good things in your life on a daily basis!

5. Doodle notebook

Lastly, a cute spiral notebook can easily be your new doodling notebook. We all have doodled on the side of important notes or papers. But, having a notebook dedicated to doodling can give you more artistic freedom and unleash your inner creativity. Doodles sometimes also work as a good way of journaling and a doodle notebook can be a book where you can express yourself however you want.

Other than these five options, you can also use your Classmate spiral notebook as a dream journal, goal journal, manifesting journal etc. Happy creating!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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