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What Is A Compact Circular Saw Used For

A circular saw has a wheel-shaped design that does not require you to put much effort into the tool to yield a good cutting result. In fact, to use a circular saw, all you have to do is drag and push.

A compact model is even better because of its lightweight structure and ease of use. Not to mention, it allows you to reach between narrow spaces relatively easily. To find out exactly what this specific model is used for, you may read on or check out this Worx Compact Circular Saw vs Rockwell comparison.

The Compact Circular Saw

If you’ve heard about or seen a regular circular saw, you’ll quickly notice that it is simply the compact version of it. It’s a power tool with an abrasive blade often described as toothed.

The compact circular saw uses a rotating mechanism to cut through a vast assortment of materials. Its wheel rotates at a faster speed than other electric-powered saws. Because of this, it can cut through pretty much anything quite easily.

A Brief Background on the Circular Saw

The circular saw has been said to originate as far back as the start of the Indus Valley civilization. Experts have suggested that the saw base was first designed in the Lothal region of Gujarat around the 18th century. During this time, the rip saw was the only saw that could produce lumber.

Still, the accounts don’t quite pinpoint the exact person or people who first invented the machine. What we do know is that the tool underwent various changes and developments since its creation.

Their first prolific use was in sawmills, which used the earlier smaller versions of these tools to resaw lumber dimensions to produce wall studs and lath. Today, it is basically the same case, but they do so using more advanced tools and processes.

Uses of the Compact Circular Saw

Innovation has led to countless ways to utilize the multi-purpose compact circular saw. Essentially, however, this tool is mostly about the following:

Cutting Firewood Logs

These tools make cutting firewood logs into smaller pieces relatively easy. While chainsaws and other heavy-duty pieces of equipment tend to be involved in the process, it’s the circular saw that leads to the creation of what you eventually use in the fireplace.

Cutting logs into smaller pieces is harder than it looks, and a mini circular saw might not do anything to change your opinion. A compact circular saw, however, very well may.

Straight Cutting

Straight or circular, a saw will likely be used for cutting a straight line or pattern into a material. A compact circular can make this even easier. This machine makes for an awesome straight-cutting tool because of its excellent control and the broad assortment of materials it’s able to cut. Backward or forward, it doesn’t matter; the saw should allow you to do a good job either way.

Cutting Like a Miter Saw

This saw’s compact and lightweight qualities mean endless possibilities for what you can do with it. One of those includes using it as a miter saw by attaching a titling shoe underneath it. The shoe attachment is relatively easy to master. You then cut along the sides of the log to get the side cuts you desire.

A titling shoe lets you cut angles between zero and 45 degrees. That’s worth noting to ensure detailed perfection in the outcome.

Bevel Cutting

Since you can accomplish a miter cut with a compact circular saw, it follows that a bevel cut is possible too. The tilt required is exactly the same as needed for miter cutting (zero to 45 degrees), so that shouldn’t be something to worry about.

Then again, this might not be enough for cutting deeper than one-and-a-half inches. If you need to cut deeper than that, bevel cutting with a compact circular saw is out of the question. You may need to get an actual bevel cutting saw in that case.

Long Plywood Cutting

An uninterrupted cutting experience is what many love about the compact circular saw. It has a lightweight and easy-to-use design that makes cutting long plywood a breeze. Just make sure to have sufficient support beneath the plywood to keep it positioned straight.

Hold on to the plywood with one hand so that it doesn’t move around. Once the plywood is secured, drag the saw along its length with a light push. You should have a nice, clean cut in no time!

Get a Good Brand

Compact circular saws are not created equal, as evidenced by the more popular brands on the market. Among these are Makita, Genesis, Rockwell, and Dremel. Some of these brands have been around for decades and have spent years developing their products.

Thus, you can count on their products to excel in durability, function, and range of features more than others. Electric-powered saws are tools that require you to select the crème de la crème of the bunch for you and your loved ones’ safety.

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