Tricks To Squeeze Every Inch Out Of A Small Wardrobe
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Tricks To Squeeze Every Inch Out Of A Small Wardrobe

If your favorite movie star or influencer is anything to go by, the only wardrobe worth mentioning is the large spacious walk-in closet wherein you can fit all manner of bells and whistles and host a party with room to spare. However, your reality may be very different. You may have to contend with attempting to fit all your belongings in a significantly smaller space- a small wardrobe. But don’t fret. This discrepancy should not deter you from making effective use of your wardrobe.

So if you are struggling to fit all of your stuff in your wardrobe, here are a few space-saving ideas for small wardrobes.


The best first step towards making your space usage more efficient is to get an idea of how much room you really have in the first place. To do so, you need to declutter. Therefore, you have to remove any clothes you feel are old, worn or undesirable. You can include those you think are no longer fashionable, don’t reflect your tastes or any that are gently worn but you no longer reach for.

Next, separate these clothes into three piles- for donation to local charities, to discard (you can give them to someone willing to repurpose them as well) and sell (there is a growing clothing resale market, you only need to find the right avenues).

If you still have many clothes you don’t wear often but want to keep, consider alternate storage locations like a suitcase you no longer use.


The floor space within your wardrobe is prime real estate. Therefore, you must use it rather than let it go to waste. There are numerous ways to maximize your wardrobe’s floor area. For example, if you have some long clothing, you can push it to one side and place some additional storage under the side with the shorter clothing. This action leaves room for a dresser, a shoe rack or some shelves where you can put other things.


If you already have some shelves in your wardrobe, and if they extend vertically rather than horizontally, the best way to make sensible use of this feature is by adding shelf dividers. You can better organise your clothing to avoid a more mess-prone model with these accessories. Shelf dividers may also help you create a system that makes finding and retrieving your clothing of choice easier.


Extendable wardrobe rods are handy accessories that provide more hanging space in your wardrobe. They do so by allowing you to adjust the rod’s height to accommodate clothes of different sizes and lengths. Therefore, you get the means to comfortably hang up your coats or longer, more formal attire.


A wardrobe with limited space yet full of clothing is more likely to make it harder to find your clothes, particularly because of a distinct lack of light. So, to mitigate this disadvantage, it may be best to install task lighting.

Task lighting in a wardrobe can take a variety of forms, including wall sconces you install on the sides or recessed lights to preserve precious vertical and wall space.

While small wardrobes present some challenges, you don’t have to despair about keeping all your belongings in a less than ideal space. Organizing a small closet requires a little ingenuity, savvy item placement, and a few strategic additions to create a satisfactorily functional domain. With these handy tips, your wardrobe can become a more practical storage solution where all your belongings remain safe and easily accessible.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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