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The Most Common Plumbing Problems and When to Call a Professional

It’s embarrassing calling a plumber when you’ve got no water at a fixture, only to find the valve has accidentally been turned off so this is one of the most common plumbing problems.

But, there are times when a professional is the only way to go. After all, a dripping faucet may not seem like much of an issue, until you realize you don’t know how to fix it and it’s costing you a lot of money in wasted water.

That’s why you need to know a reputable firm specializing in plumbing Sydney.

However, while having a plumber to hand is essential, gaining a better understanding of the most common issues will help you to know when you need to call that plumber.

Dripping Faucet – Common Plumbing Problems

A dripping faucet can be annoying, especially if you can hear it when you’re trying to sleep. It can also be expensive.

But, in most cases, it is simply a defective washer inside the faucet.

You can pick up a washer from the store, shut off the water to the faucet and unscrew the top of the tap, replace the washer and the problem is solved!

If the washer doesn’t resolve the issue you may have fitted it incorrectly or have an issue with the faucet itself; it will be time to pick up the phone…

Low Water Pressure

This can be really annoying, especially if your shower is a dribble instead of a powerful and enjoyable experience.

You can check that your main valve is fully open to ensure maximum possible pressure. You may also have a pressure regulator fitted which may need to be adjusted, this involves unscrewing the top and turning the valve slightly.

However, if the regulator is faulty it’s going to need replacing, that’s another job for the professionals.

You may also have an issue with corroded pipes that are causing partial blockages, preventing the water from flowing properly. If this is the case the pipes will need to be replaced.

Leaks – Common Plumbing Problems

One of the most common issues is a leak, these usually occur around the joints of your plumbing system.

Joints are placed under higher stress than the rest of your system as the water stops and starts, vibrations can also work connections loose allow oxygen to mix with the water and metal and start the joint rusting.

It is possible to repair a joint with joint filler compounds but this should be seen as a temporary repair; you’re going to need a professional to make sure it is fixed properly.

Check Your System

Any water leak can cost you a sizable amount of money, and that’s not something you want to waste. It makes sense to visually inspect all your pipes on a regular basis.

However, you can also turn off all your appliances and then take a water meter reading. Check the meter again after 30 minutes, if the reading has changed you’ve forgotten to turn off an appliance or you’ve got a leak somewhere.

Again, you’re probably going to need professional help.

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