Some Nuggets of Information on the Significance of Shower Filters
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Some Nuggets of Information on the Significance of Shower Filters

Just as filtered drinking water is beneficial for our proper health and well-being similarly we must use filtered water for the shower as well. Unfiltered shower water may contain  different forms of chemicals such as chlorine along with fungus and bacteria which the skin drinks up literally. If you are still not convinced take a look at the list of benefits of using shower filters.

A Glance at the Plentiful Benefits

1. Softer Skin – Shower Filters

You may suffer from different skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema amid other dry skin problems if you use hard water. The residue present in it may make your skin scaly and dehydrated. You may need to moisturize right away to avoid that tight feeling but not any longer. Using a good shower gel along with filtered water is everything that your skin needs.

2. Shiny Hair

Just as for the skin, unfiltered water is equally bad for the tresses. Hard water has oxidizers and minerals that can make the hair feel unclean despite rinsing and repeating the process. Such residues will block the moisture making the scalp flaky and the hair dry. When the hair becomes frizzy and dry, it tends to break easily. Here expensive hair treatments too will not work. So, using a good bathroom water filter such as Aquaox Filters will be the right answer for every hair problem.

3. Less Chlorine – Shower Filters

To take a shower with chlorinated water will be worse compared to drinking the same. The chemicals that the skin absorbs may immediately enter into the bloodstream particularly at warm temperatures. Chlorine can interact with different other matters present in the water that can create harmful by-products such as trihalomethanes. Chloroform is one such THMs.

4. Cleaner Air

Indoor air pollution is indeed a real thing. Chemical cleaning products and scented candles made of paraffin wax are the principal offenders. And shower water too falls under this list. Showers using hot water will vaporize and release trihalomethanes into the air. It is the warm air that opens the lungs which will make inhalation of such chemicals scarily effortless.

5. Prevent Cancer – Shower Filters

The shower water may contain chemicals which may be linked with cancer or other health issues. Some studies have indicated that people using chlorinated water are likely to suffer from rectal, kidney and bladder cancers. Women are found to suffer from breast cancer.

6. Help with General Health and Respiratory Problems

A good number of people are often allergic to pollutants and chemicals present in the air. So when they bathe with hot chlorinated water, this chlorine gets vaporized into chloroform that fills the air in the bathroom. This chemical when inhaled can result in grave respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma. But through a shower filter, such threats can be kept at bay.

7. Hair Color Remains Longer – Shower Filters

Taking bath using chlorinated water can fade the hair color. You will not feel this right away because it is present in lower concentration. The hair color with time will start to fade.

8. Save on Cost

When you use a good quality shower filter, it can serve the entire family for about 6 months. The best part when it comes to replacing the filter it is quite affordable in comparison to filters used for drinking water which use reverse osmosis.

9. Cleaner Tub/Shower – Shower Filters

Along with protecting you against harm, shower filters will also safeguard the bathing space against potentially harmful, unsightly and costly build up.

10. Boost Up Energy and Reduce Fatigue

Using chlorinated water can result in fatigue. Here the best step will be to install a good quality shower filter that can remove chlorine and thereby help in bringing back the lost energy levels. Installing a shower filter in case of hard water will make you feel both healthy and energetic within a couple of days. Besides, it will work wonders to boost up the immunity in the future.

11. Reduce Surplus Product Build-Up – Shower Filters

Along with being beneficial for overall health shower filters are also excellent for the bathroom. Regularly using unfiltered water for showering can result in salt and chlorine build-up both in the bathroom corners and the nozzles. A bathroom filter can remove such build-up beforehand which means no requirement for cleaning the shower now and then.

Think Again

If you were of the belief that using water filters for the shower head is a gimmick for luring the people to spend more money, then you should think again. The truth is to install shower filters has become the need of the hour due to the degradation in  water quality day by day. Shower filters are equipment put on the shower head that serve different functions and will purify the water before the same coming in contact with the skin. The benefits mentioned above throw light on the significance of having a shower filter in one’s daily life.

A Necessity not a Luxury

These are the critical perks of using a shower filter and why it has turned into a must-have for every home. Such filters are an effective and affordable means of keeping the shower water germ-free and clean. Thus, every bathroom undoubtedly will benefit from such filters. Buying a good shower filter will be a hassle-free affair mainly if you follow the right directions – decide on the type of filter needed, consider the budget and conduct thorough research. And of course, it is also good to take reference from friends and colleagues that have installed such filters.

Post-installation one can enjoy a relaxing and warm shower devoid of having to worry that the water that comes out is contaminated either with harmful bacteria or chlorine. A shower filter should not be considered a luxury or an additional expense but is a necessity and a valuable device in the real sense.

The bottom line is filtering the shower water will be an ideal choice especially for people with sensitive skin and also children. Equipment like this has been created to make life easy, better and hygienic.

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