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Maintenance of Solid Wood Handrails for Stair Handrails

Customer’s satisfaction is always the first priority for us. This has always been the purpose of ottawa railings. The goal of Ottawa railings is to lead the stair revolution and let thousands of people experience the concept of fashion. Wooden stair handrails need to work against moisture and mildew so that they can last forever.

The stair handrails and staircases are like, and sanitation of corridor and the cleanliness of the handrails are clear. In spring, it will be relatively humid. Otherwise, it is comfortable to appear wet, moldy, etc., and the wooden handrails will also have tapeworms. As long as you sprinkle pepper powder on the tapeworm mouth, put camphor pills, and use professional insecticide equipment to kill insects, this can effectively extend Stair handrail life.

Factors we should consider when choosing stairs:

If you have elderly people with problems in your home, try not to buy staircases with sharp arc rotation. It is recommended that the corners or radians of the stairs be gentle. The stairs must have handrails (if possible, stairs with double handrails) so that the elderly people can easily use the stairs if only There is support.  

If the environment near the building is prone to dust, you can choose a structured glass staircase when choosing the stairs, which is convenient for daily cleaning, and the glass staircase has strong permeability and gives a clean and bright feeling.

How to choose solid wood staircase raw materials?

With the emergence of new fashion that is whole wood home has made more and more consumers who give priority to buy solid wood furniture and stairs for home. Such as solid wood stairs, solid wood railings, solid wood handrails, etc., because they can be used as staircases, there are many kinds of wood for fences, and there are differences in the raw materials of each solid wood.

Maintenance of solid wood handrails – The following briefly introduces the differences between various solid wood woods.

Fraxinus mandshurica:

Its tree is slightly hard, straight texture, coarse structure, beautiful pattern, excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy to process but not easy to dry.

High toughness, good bonding, paint, colouring performance, and excellent decoration Performance is the current use of wood for furniture and interior decoration.

Willow eucalyptus: its material is moderate in weight, the texture is straight or oblique and staggered, the structure is slightly thick, easy to process, and excellent bonding performance. Slight warping and cracking during drying.


Ottawa railings can help you to find a better wooden staircase that can be durable and reliable and with the maintenance of solid wood handrails.

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