Kitchen Sinks - What to Look for in a New Sink
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Kitchen Sinks – What to Look for in a New Sink

There are many things to consider when choosing a kitchen sink. These factors differ by the type of sink you pick and figuring out where to put your kitchen sink. Ceiling hung sinks, also called wall mounted or drop in sinks, have different things to consider than under-counter mounted ones. It is important to know the differences before making your purchase. Water use and disposal are two of the main things to consider. Here are the main factors to consider when purchasing kitchen sinks.


There are two main materials used in sinks: stainless steel and cast iron. Cast iron is heavier than stainless steel, and it also tends to dent more easily, but it will last longer than stainless steel because it is less susceptible to corrosion and rusting over time. Stainless steel sinks are lighter weight and less expensive than cast iron ones, but they can scratch easier and dent over time if not properly cared for. Both materials offer similar benefits. They are durable and easy to clean!

Size and Shape of the Sink

The size and shape of your sink will depend on how much counter space you have in your kitchen and how large you want your sink to be. If you are figuring out where to put your kitchen sink and have limited space, consider getting an undermount sink that sits flush with the countertop instead of an overmount sink that protrudes above it. An overmount sink usually comes with a faucet installed separately from the bottom portion of the sink. It may be helpful if you want to upgrade your faucet later on without replacing the entire unit at once.

Where to Place the Sink

Another thing that you need to decide when choosing a kitchen sink is where it will go in your home. The location of your sink can make a big difference in how much counter space you have and how much storage space there is above or below the countertop. A top-mount sink may take up less room than an undermount style, but it may be harder for people shorter than average to reach into the sink to clean dishes or do other tasks around the kitchen. An undermount design allows for more flexibility in placement in your kitchen because it sits on top of the counter rather than underneath it. However, installing this type of sink requires additional plumbing work, and installation costs may be higher.


The style of your kitchen sink is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a new kitchen sink. The look and feel of your new sink can set the tone for your entire kitchen remodel. If you want something bold and contemporary, you will want to choose a stainless steel or copper kitchen sink. If you prefer a more traditional look, then an enameled cast iron or porcelain enameled steel sink might be right for you. You can also go with a hammered copper or bronze finish if you want something unique that stands out from other styles.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re trying to decide on a remodel for your entire kitchen or just looking to replace your sink, there are many things to consider. Keep these things in mind as you continue looking at different kitchen sinks, figuring out where to put your kitchen sink, and choosing the one that works best for you. While we can’t recommend a specific type of sink, we hope this guide has helped offer some insight into the many things to consider when choosing one.

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