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How To Prevent Yourself From Getting An Electrical Shock Or Burn

Burns are often very serious as they can damage several layers of the skin, cause blistering and swelling, and in severe cases shock and death. Plus, they are incredibly painful and something that most people would prefer to avoid. You may not have considered it before but the electrical circuits in your home can cause burns. These aren’t the same as a burn caused by heat or fire. An electrical burn happens faster and is likely to go deeper into the body. It won’t just burn your skin and cause blistering and scars. Electrical burns are linked with electric shocks and these can disrupt your nervous system and even the rhythm of your heart. You need to know how to prevent yourself and your family from getting electrical shock and burns.

Have Your Electrics Inspected

There are several things you can do to improve the safety at home but it all starts with a call to a reputable electrician Sydney. You’ll want to get them to inspect your electrics and repeat the exercise every year.

An electrician will ensure that the wiring isn’t damaged in your home and that all the circuits are functioning properly. This helps to reduce the risk of shocks, burns, and even fires.

Prevent Yourself From Getting An Electrical Shock Unplug Items

If you are not using something then it is best to unplug it. This eliminates the risk of the appliance being damaged by an electrical storm. It also makes it impossible for you to get a shock from the appliance as it isn’t connected to the electrical circuits.

As a bonus, unplugging things that aren’t in use will reduce your energy usage and save you money!

Cover Sockets

Sockets that are not in use still have electrical current going to them. These can be inviting, especially to children. To prevent anything from entering the socket accidentally or on purpose, cover them with socket protectors when not in use.

Never Insert Things Into Sockets or Appliances

It’s not just babies that insert things into sockets. But, anything that is inserted into a socket or an appliance can pick up the electrical charge within the circuit. If you touch the inserted object you will get an electric shock and the subsequent burn.

Be Careful With Water

One of the nastiest types of electrical burn happens when you mix water and electricity. Water is very good at conducting electricity. If you touch water that is in contact with electricity then you’ll get a shock as your body is the fastest path to the earth.

For this reason, water and electrical outlets have to be separated and you should always dry your hands properly before touching anything electrical.

Replace Damaged Outlets

 If an outlet or a light switch is damaged replace it immediately. Damaged outlets dramatically increase the risk of a fire happening and of you getting a shock or burn. If you’re not sure how to replace the socket get your electrician to do it for you. While you’re waiting, don’t use the outlet in question.

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